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    Check your online store for on page SEO problems that may be affecting your website's performance on the search engines. Instant, simple verdict.
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    • AKK Unique Gifts

      I was struggling over 6 months with my new website and I didn't know what is wrong. Daniel did amazing job! First thing - he gives you advice for FREE! In these days it's very hard to find somebody who will give you a free advice. And second - because I am a little "technically challenged" and English is my second language so it was very difficult for me to understand. I also know absolutely nothing about SEO because I am an artist without technical abilities. So I needed a real help. For a very reasonable price Daniel fixed my website and made it finally work. He doesn't push you to spend more and more money as the others and his service is more than excellent! I have only superlatives to say about this guy. He is a very good specialist in this field but even better as a person. He communicates with his customers and satisfies every possible request. He is truly trying to help and he does. I can't describe it better than the customer STIBERA 2 reviews below me. I recommend Plug in SEO to everyone who needs some help with SEO. I was a little prejudiced on beginning because I had a very bad experience with some other companies but I have to admit that this was the best investment that I ever have done. Daniel, thank you and cheers!

    • Vapechimp

      Very rarely do I feel compelled into leaving a review, however considering the huge amount of work that Daniel at SEO Plus undertook for us then it is only fair that I do so! I thought long and hard about whether to pay extra for the premium version of this SEO app but it turned out to be one of the best business decisions I have made all year and only wish I had done so sooner. As soon as I upgraded Daniel contacted me and highlighted a major issue that I had no idea about. I was using the langify app and he explained and advised me clearly what my issues were. Not only did he advise me , he also helped solve the some other SEO problems and continued to make improvements that resulted in a near 100% increase in traffic in just over a week! If you're in any doubt about whether the premium version is worth it then just try it! I cannot recommend these guys highly enough and am genuinely very happy about the decision to pay for the premium version. Thank you very much SEO Plus.

    • Nabu Online

      Can't say enough great things about this app. I'd been tearing my hair out trying to change Meta Tags etc on my theme.liquid file, and I had no idea how my site was doing in terms of SEO. The great thing about this is it's free, and once installed it's so easy to use. It even includes the snippets to copy and paste (although be advised, possibly not all the problems but it certainly helps) for certain areas, i.e. I had duplicate title tags etc, and it gave me the snippet to rectify the problem. Now my site is all green ticked with no problems with the SEO, and i would reccomend this app to everyone. Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram:

    • Tulsa Body Jewelry

      I paid the $300+ to fix my site speed, but that really seems like a waste of money if my site continues to fail your own analyzer test. I understand that you blame shopify for limiting what you can do, but maybe you should be more upfront about it. I don't think many people would pay for this if they knew that all the problems wouldn't be resolved. Telling me that the remaining issues are insignificant just doesn't wash... What you're telling me is that I could have come to you with a perfectly optimized website (so much as Shopify allows) and your analyzer would still recommend the paid service. The only function of the speed analyzer is lining up business. The checklist of tasks performed is so incredibly vague that I doubt it varies at all between clients.

    • Ocean View Woodworking

      The app is easy to install and easy to run. If you are comfortable making the recommended changes then you are going to love this app to help improve your SEO. For those, like me, needing a bit of help then you'll need to work with one of the project managers. After a brief delay in communication, my project manager Luke walked me through everything via the built in message system and assigned my project for implementation. The work was accomplished quickly and well inside the defined two weeks. The help and instruction I received along with the links to make potential changes in the future means I would likely feel quite comfortable making those changes myself at a later date. Cheers Daniel and Like.