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    Convert your Shopify store into iOS and Android apps. Generate new revenues and increase conversions with our Shopify Mobile App tool
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    Currently 69% of all Shopify sales come from Mobile. With mobile now emerging as a clear winner in sales, we believe, it's a sales channel, most e-commerce merchants would be looking forward to adding to their stores. Adding a mobile sales channel has never been easier. It takes only about 5 minutes and merchants get the opportunity to start selling via native mobile apps. Plobal platform / solution includes the following offerings for merchants: - Allows you to build fully native mobile apps - Android + iOS - App install tools - App engagement tools - App analytics and conversion tools

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    • Island Haze

      We researched a lot of other app developers before deciding to go with Plobal Apps. After reading countless number of reviews, the #1 problem most people complained about was the lack of communication with the other companies. Not with Ali and his team at Plobal Apps though. Like the other reviews have already stated, Plobal Apps do an excellent job at communicating and will often get back to you within hours, if not sooner. The dashboard is very straightforward and easy to use, and integrates very well with the Shopify platform. The best thing about them though is they are constantly looking at ways to improve the app, to ultimately create a better user experience for both us, their clients, and the end user, our customers. Keep up the good work!

    • Adnaramfemme

      This company has exceeded my expectations since day one! Since the very first day I came across this app in the App Store! Having an app can be intimidating! The research can time consuming and draining. The team over at Plobal Tech continue to leave me speechless each day with their exceptional on the spot customer service! I can say honestly say the team at Plobal Tech handle their customers with grace! I am more than positive that my sales are about to increase at least 75% because of this app. The admin interface is super easy to use!!! And if you still don't understand, the team is there to make sure you overstand. My success is you all's success! Thank you Plobal, Ali and Khadija for a seamless teamwork experience! Much success to you!!!

    • Xcluciv Barber Supplier Llc

      So far I have been using Plobal Apps for two of my operations, in different countries and I am very pleased with the results. The app is clean, super easy to use, and functions extremely fast. The app is cost efficient and the support team is accessible and very supportive. Ali and Khadija have been awesome! Thank you Guys:) They have been seeing my project through from beginning to assure their app operates at an optimum level. I have converted over from an alternative provider and in comparison, am happy to say that it was a great business decision. I recommend Plobal App to any business who is looking to take their business to the next level mobily! Robert, Xcluciv Brands

    • Christopher Bean Coffee Company

      I gave this a 5 because of the stellar customer support i received from the app team. Between phone calls and emails i was never disappointed. The other reason i gave this 5 was the app itself, now in saying that you have to compare apples to apples, this is an out of the box app, so you will have limitations with customization, but for ease of use, set up and functionality its great. Did i mention customer support? The other reason i like this app is the team seems to be very intent on increasing the functionality of the app, so i would think that in the future you will see the ability to customize and even incorporate the app with other apps.

    • Dr Makorofia

      I start by giving high props to the tech team. They were very patient with me when I started and offered me all the advise and support I needed to get my APP running. Launching of this APP has been a blessing for my business and followers. The fact that I run a charity organisation as well, the Push Notifications have boosted the efficiency of my campaigns. This is a product I would recommend any entrepreneur. I pass my special gratitude to Mr Ali and my assigned store account manager Khadija. Your delivery has been impeccable, on point and am very very very very satisfied with your services. Let me sign off before I publish a Novel:-)