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  • Pillow Profits Fulfillment

    The premier Shopify fulfillment app for selling high-quality custom printed footwear and more!
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    • Liz Lauter Designs

      I have tried to get their attention to my concerns, but their attitude gets in the way. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! The quality of their products is the worst association with cheap "made in China" merchandise. The shoes are what I sampled. I don't want my artwork associated with these poorly made products. To make the decision to dump them easy, the customer service for me was really bad. They didn't resolve any issues. When I needed help, their response was to tell me to just go to their video tutorials and they had an annoyed attitude about it. The sync with Shopify is not reliable. My sample order was shipped even though it was flagged as "risky" by their app, and should have not gone through. Their customer service told me to manually override the "risk" hold, and guess what, now a duplicate of my order is on the way despite my explanations of the problem and requests for help. These print on demand companies should at the least have decent customer service. This company is a big gamble to work with and I don't recommend you put your time into wrestling with them and your upset customers who get shoes which have flaps of stiff elastic hanging inside which gouge the side of their foot.

    • Myutopiamart

      I have been using Pillow Profits as my main POD provider since Jan 2017. The support they offer is awesome, most times a response is offered within 24 hours. The products they offer are unique and high quality. I use the Totebags and Pillowcases to 'introduce' my store to new customers, then followup later with email campaigns promoting the higher end products. So far everything has shipped within 10 days of my submitting for processing, sometimes even as fast as 5 days, though the norm is around 7. They now offer optional DHL shipping for an extra fee so for holiday items (where advertising window is short) I can promise and deliver in two weeks. I've tried several POD companies and Pillow Profits beats them all hands down.

    • Bestwaygear

      I absolutely love pillow profits and the easy to use training, tutorials and FAQ which has everything you need to know. The app is extremely easy to use and the support is fast, friendly and very supportive. I recently had a technical issue with one of my orders and the support staff here at Pillow Profits fixed the problem immediately. I am thrilled with their service and the excellent level of professionalism . I have 2 stores of which I am using pillow profits and the designs are extremely powerful for my store. Highly recommended !! Thanks Pillow Profits. I do not recommend companies lightly. But these guys were amazing with their support

    • Shraderdesigns

      By FAR the best Fulfillment service I've ever worked with. The resources are incredible. The mock ups are gorgeous. PillowProfits provides you with PSD Templates (Some are slightly inaccurate, But a great start and have had no issues) I am addicted to designing Shoes. For real... And in case you watch all the resource videos like I do and hear scary words like "Weekly Design Limit" DISREGARD! Because there is no longer a design limit :) I hate that I'm telling you how awesome PillowProfits is... Because you will want to design all day everyday because seeing new designs on the awesome mock ups is just plain awesome!

    • Pugglin

      Pillow Profits is so SUPER exciting, that I lie awake at night...thinking about my next design on their amazing shoes, pillow-cases and tote bags. I first began online because I believed that leveraging the internet with products that people are already looking to buy is a virtual goldmine and Adam and his team at Pillow Profits have taken that same concept and gone to the moon with it! Plus, their world-class training is par excellent! Thank you so much for the opportunity to market quality products that I can heartily recommend to my friends and potential customers! In love with Pillow Profits...Kristie Chiles