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  • Photo Resize by Pixc

    Automatically resize all your product photos so they appear uniform in your Shopify store, giving it a professional look.
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    • Euniqueessentials

      I launched my women's fashion store January 15th, 2017. I am a mother, wife, and student. I am currently in school to obtain my Bachelor's in business. Opening my own store has been a dream of mine for quite sometime and I used to believe that owning my own business was going to be next to impossible, but it's apps like this that make the process that make the process much more rewarding! This app is extremely user friendly. A plus for someone like myself who isn't very tech savvy. I know the basics and a few additional need-to-knows, but I am very much so a beginner in this industry. This app also made it possible for me to have additional time to spend with my family, do homework, or whatever various activities I wanted to do. It practically works on it's own with just a click of a few buttons. Kudos to the developers fr creating an app that actually performs just as described... that doesn't happen too often. I'm surprised an app this good isn't charging a fee ( it would certainly be worth it), but at the current time I'm glad is free because I wouldn't be able to afford such an awesome app just yet lol. I would be more than happy to when my revenues are higher. Keep up the great work!

    • Thebikedr

      The app started off a tad bit underwhelming but with great support (we) meaning I figured it out as it related to our shop. We were having an image transfer issue from our POS system into Shopify and the app was not picking up the images. That's nobody;' fault, its a tech thingy - basically it works perfectly BUT once you have all your products on Shopify. They have to reside on the platfrom. Ours were still in LightSpeed and had not been 'ported' across properly. We're all good now. Thanks guys - bg

    • Mouldmagic

      great just confused about the billing and that makes me a bit nervous....i cant keep track of all my apps and what i might or might not be using (per image) also i thought this app was free and ive been using it alot...hope i dont get nasty bill surprise. (i never got a notification to state ive gone over my 400 images) but i know that i have exceeded due to usage over last weeks...i dont like no control over my budget and finances

    • Julies Ah

      Great app, easy to use. I only wish there was a way to only resize the images that haven't been done. I'm just adding to my review, because I'm having trouble with a few of my pics not resizing properly. Adding to my review again - love that you read customer reviews and actually do something about the issues. Although its rechecking all images, the app is now only resizing the images that haven't been done. Good job :)

    • Sassyvape

      What more is there to say? I love this app. Does everything I need and does it perfectly with minimal effort on my part! I believe for the quality and functionality of their apps in general you can't go wrong with at least trying it out for a test run instead of an instant commitment. Not too mention - their customer service is top notch! I love working with Pixc - they help make me a better merchant!