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    Set custom shipping rates based on address fields, products, total price and weight in a slick, native interface.
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    Parcelify let you create simple yet powerful shipping rates based on address fields, products, total weight or price. Whether you'd like to create a "5$ Bike delivery" shipping rates for your neighbors, a "Free hand delivery" for your coworkers or an expensive 25$ "Plane delivery" for that remote region in your country, they've got your back. Oh! you want that rate only for orders above $100? You can do that, too! Parcelify requires a Shopify plan with real-time carrier shipping ($20/month) due to Shopify restrictions.

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    • Evolve Sounding Stone

      Shopify falls short when you have products that require truck shipping. I tried a bunch of paid apps before this one and found that most are US based and are not set up for Canadian freight companies. Another app in the store showed promise but wouldn't work with Canadian FedEx ltl accounts. I have established rates with many Canadian freight companies, some local, some national that will probably never interface with shopify. What this app allowed me to do was create shipping rates that would populate in the checkout for products that were too heavy to ship by Canada Post, FedEx and Ups. I was able to select products by sku that would trigger the truck freight rate and then calculated the rate based on the subtotal of the cart. It works pretty slick and has a lot more flexibilty to calculate rates by weights and more. Prior to this app, I created a message asking the customer to request a freight rate when no rates were available for those items that couldn't ship with C Post, FedEx and Ups and people would abandon many carts. Now the customer can see a rate and I ship with the freight company of my choice. No need for special account integrations with multiple carriers.

    • Electrica Mega

      To those reviewing the app just one star because of the required plan, I would ask you to consider that this requirement is imposed by Shopify (bummer I know) and not the developer, and that this requirement is stated there so it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. I contacted Shopify and was told that if I pay the yearly suscription for the $29 plan, I was offered the Real Time Shipping thing (beside the discount), so if you're on the $29 plan you could consider asking a Shopify agent if they could enable the option for you with the anual suscription. ANYWAY, for the review, the App was a bit confusing at first with the Regex rules (I had never seen those before in my life!) but after reading a bit about it I was able to set some rules and now my shipping costs are tailored to my needs. Great app and you can't go wrong with it being free.

    • Misthub

      This is exactly what we were looking for! After trying to many apps to get a simple "Local Pickup" option at checkout BUT only limit it to customers with specific zip codes around our warehouse - we were frustrated and almost ready to hire a developer to develop something for us. Then out of no where - PARCELIFY. This app allows us to do exactly what we needed. A little regex magic to include all the needed zip codes and we were set to go. When we did run into an issue support was extremely quick to respond. The developer behind this small but powerful app even open sourced it. The guy is the real deal, the app is as well - absolutely top notch! Would give 10 Stars if I could!

    • Tubtrugs

      Like many needed a simple solution to address the challenges of shipping product that varies widely in size and weight. Tried unsuccessfully to make it work in the native shipping rate module. Installed this app and in a matter of minutes had painlessly created three custom shipping rates that will work for my business and make our customers happy. The only adjustment I needed to make was to change over some of my product weights from lbs to grams. I believe this app will allow us to get aggressive with sales offerings by customizing shipping rates in lieu of the generic rates we have been using. Thank you!!!

    • Fattoriasarda

      Best app for finetuning your shipping rules, thanks to Christian :-) We use this awesome app to offer Same Day Delivery sorted by postcodes. If you have a look at this exactly documentation you are set-up with any kind of shipping options you want in minutes. Christian offers a really fast support, remember this app is at no costs! If you are on a Shopify plan without Carrier Calculated Shipping - open a Chat with the support at and they will set this feature up for you in no time for only 20 USD/ month. Great work :-)!!