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  • Social Login by Oxi Apps favorite

    Login and SignUp using social networks like Facebook, Google, Amazon and many more. Faster customer signup and increased conversion rates.
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  • About Social Login by Oxi Apps

    Social Login allows your visitors to quickly create an account on your store using their social profiles. It makes your user experience so much easier. This app will upscale your conversion funnel.

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    • Premiumbox

      Incredible app and even friendlier staff! I had issues with aesthetics on my login page and the staff was quick to respond and very helpful. Genuinely wanting me to help even though​ I had told him it's okay and I'm pleased with the current result if achieving what I had pictured wasn't possible. Eventually after having permission to my store he was able to edit the code and get me what I wanted. Would recommend to everyone, not just for the the benefits of the app itself but because you can be sure customer service will be eager to help.

    • Design Discover

      Although I have lots of experience with developer tools with Oauth, APIs, etc... I didn't expect the integration to be so seamless, hands down the best Shopify app in the market place for sure, and the most affordable even if the price was more! Much love to the developers for giving business owners the ability to offer such a powerful resource to enhance the likelyness of a customer signing up not having to enter or remember a password

    • Wirelesshub

      Reduces the time spent having to work with OAuth as a developer. This app is the best monthly app you can purchase through Shopify hands down, customers don't have the patience to create new passwords, then just want to authenticate with their credentials from other profiles! Love you guys for this app. No really I love you guys lol. The set up is easy and configurations is a one click process with seamless integration and set up

    • Polishedfashions

      Here's your review, stop pop-ups for paying customers. Instead, email once in a long while to ask for reviews, not bother your monthly paying customers that will cancel if your annoying popups don't stop soon! Developer contacted, popup now disabled. So far everything ok, haven't had enough time to evaluate. Everything seems well, just really hope there was something we could do about not being able to import current customers.

    • Ultraviolet Codes Cache

      Excellent app for the price. Simple and effective. Was thinking of adding this to our site for awhile now and didn't have time to read through all the documentation for each social login to code it manually. For $1/Mo , I believe it is worth saving the headache! Thanks for making this affordable, easy to implement app for everyone.