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  • Outfy - Social Media Promotion favorite

    Amplify your social reach by promoting your products to Wanelo, Instagram, Pinterest, Fancy, WeHeartit, FB, Twitter and many others at once
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  • About Outfy - Social Media Promotion

    Outfy is an all-in-one tool to promote your products on social platforms at once. You can easily program posts you want to share and time you want to share them at and the app does it automatically for you. Outfy is a real time saver and will surely upscale your community engagement.

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    Program your posts for a month telling only the number of products you want to promote per post and Outfy will do the rest for you !

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    • Saras Super Stock

      I've just added Outfy to my second store now and am very happy with the performance and service. Whenever I had a concern or issue, customer service was incredibly prompt, courteous and helpful, taking care of whatever needed to be done. I am able to share, promote and create a variety of ads, shout-outs..whatever marketing ploy you prefer. It's easy to use and I really like the credit system instead of a membership..I only use what I need which is helpful because it's just me running everything and overhead adds up. The Only thing I'll say was kind of the continual popups to ask for a review as soon as you log on...I think there should be at least a timer..or limit based on repeat visits..don't make it Every single time I log on. All in all a great app that I will use faithfully :)

    • Amal Hantash Fitness

      They have problems with billing and reported data in their user interface: 1. In dashboard, part of successful instagram posts were reported as failed. 2. I use autopilot option with a task that doesn't include weekends, yet, on weekends, although no posts are scheduled for this task, I still get charged for them! 3. If you go to Activity, it shows only last 4 days and crops the rest. It doesn't scroll down at all even if I wait 30 minutes . 4. their famous dashboard, if you try to find number of successful posts for all or any social media, guess what you get? number of lines! so if a product is posted on multiple social medias or reposted on the same social media, it is counted as 1 in the total

    • Shoppevero

      This is thee best app we have ever come across for anything!! We have been looking for an app that covers all social media in one place and this has accomplished it! With Instagram, the problem has been a photo needs to be store on which device you are using. This is a problem. Especially when you run out of storage. With Outfy, they merge the image for you and prepare it so it is so so sooooo seamless!! Finally!!! This app is worth $$$$$ alone. It has saved us so much time and money especially with being able to schedule posts to any or all social networks at whicher timinging increments we want. Outfy is perfect! Everyone should use it whether for business or personal. Thank you Outfy!!!

    • Neil Assenheimer

      It is amazing how much traffic you can drive to your store page for pennies per post! I have an art website that is getting 50 to 100 times more visits than when I was using Facebook boost and promote website, Google Adwords. Not to mention that I would have spent hundreds of dollars on the aforementioned two methods to get similar results. Top notch social promotion program. Would be nice to be able to copy reuse posts inside the "Planner" tool. The only other issues I have encountered is on trying to Promote the Website, the creation process fails if your images are even just a little too large. That being said, I love the results I am getting for very little investment.

    • Shopatfinn

      Great app that allows you to control not only how much you spend on your social media marketing but when and what you post. If you get the app it also lets you see which posting are getting the most activity so you can narrow down when its the best time to market. NOTE ON INSTAGRAM: The glitch is NOT the app. Instagram does not allow THIRD PARTY POSTING ANYMORE. So the app HAS to work around that by basically letting you copy and post yourself. The app has no control over Instagram policy. Just thought I would state that since many people don't know that and are thinking its the app itself. Overall easy to use and very useful.