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  • OrderCup

    1-click Shipping from INSIDE your Shopify Orders! Maximum postage discounts. Ship international with DHL, but cheaper than USPS! Much more..
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    • Ohhh Canada

      I'm happy for my fellow biz owners that this app works for them. My staff and I had a HORRIBLE experience with this app. We couldn't get any of our shipping labels to print, and we tried various browsers, various computers. Tech support was absolutely awful - no one returned our calls, and then in the chat window (which is a great feature...if it's staffed properly), my warehouse manager waited OVER 45 MINUTES for a response. And despite having to contact support many times, they were never able to offer a resolution. I've uninstalled this app. FYI, we're a Canadian company and we were trying to link with Canada Post which is why we wanted this app in the first place - we have a commercial account, so it would have been ideal (the Canada Post shopify app currently does not support commercial accounts - only VentureOne and we're too big for that.) Use at your own risk.

    • Natural Cleaning Products

      OrderCup is one of those tools that just WORKS! It allowed us to take a process that used to take around 6 minutes per order down to about 15 seconds per order. In about 1/24th of the time...yes I said 1/24th.... we are able to import orders from our Shopify storefront, print shipping labels and packing slips and have the OrderCup application automatically update the orders as 'shipped' in Shopify and notify our customers of their shipment and tracking number. All this being done in about 2-3 clicks! With their new bulk shipment feature we should be able to possibly cut that time down to around 10 seconds per order. With our number of orders rapidly increasing, these time savings are HUGE! We can now offer even more great support to our awesome customers without wasting time on manual shipment imports.

    • Nabele Natural Products

      While Ordercup's support staff is very nice and genuinely want to help you (although I didn't appreciate the phone calls asking me to give a better review than the one I left a previously) - I'm afraid the program just leaves too much to be desired for me. The user interface is pretty bad. It would be ok if this were the 15 years ago, but compared to most any other program it seems rudimentary. They really should invest in UI design. Granted, some people don't care if the site looks nice, just as long as it works. It does work, mostly, but it's not at all intuitive. It's hard to figure out where settings and options are and I feel like I spend too much time bumbling around looking for things. Their competition won me over because of cost and a MUCH better user experience.

    • FunBites

      OrderCup is a huge time and money saver. We ship orders coming from our Shopify store, Amazon and miscellaneous other retailers. With OC we seamless integrate with Shopify and Amazon, and have an easy way to enter and print labels for all the others. We had zero familiarity with labels, thermal printers, etc and with a little help from Aloke we've got everything working perfectly. And the discounted postage more than pays for OC fees. Don't understand the negative reviews. None of this ecommerce stuff is easy for first timers and we've found OC to be as good or better than other apps we're using. Keep up the great work, Aloke!

    • PANYL

      I am pretty darned psyched to be on Ordercup. I switched over from ShippingEasy, which turned out to be not so easy on our customers (they only offer USPS, which loses every 10th package and which now seems to take anywhere from 3-30 days for domestic priority mail. Don't even get me started on international). We also do a lot of international business, and having the DHL option with Ordercup is so key. Plus, Ordercup has wowed me with their customer service. They are friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly, proactive about addressing issues. Thanks, Ordercup!