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  • Optimize Checkout - Abandoned Cart App, Abandoned Checkout , Checkout App

    Shopify abandoned cart app to optimize user experience on cart and checkout pages, reducing shopify cart abandonment and increasing sales.
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  • About Optimize Checkout - Abandoned Cart App, Abandoned Checkout , Checkout App

    What they do?
    A simple and easy to install tool to help Shopify Stores:
    - Increase sales
    - Reduce Abandoned Carts
    - Increase conversions

    What Problem do they solve?
    - when a new user creates an account on checkout / cart pages for a Shopify Store, he is redirected to the 'My Account' page instead of the checkout / cart page itself

    How they solve this?
    Once installed, Optimze Checkout works automatically in the background of your store and redirect users creating an account back to the cart / checkout pages itself instead of the "My Account" page.

    Their current customer feedback and traction:
    - Total unique user experiences optimized: 1000 users
    - Total cart value: $ 73,000

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    • Suzieskincare

      Update: They fixed the error I got and it did work, It ran a little slow because after logging in it still went to account page then a page that just say "Redirecting" then back to the cart, I am concerned customers would be confused by this, (Keep in mind I am having some slow site issues before this that is being worked on) But it works and would recommend you try it

    • Earthfood2016

      My new customers are loving the hassle-free checkout process. This tool is very easy to integrate and has significantly helped me reduce cart abandonment.