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  • Nosto - Personalization for Shopify favorite

    Built for ecommerce professionals to deliver their customers personalized shopping experiences, at every touch point, across every device.
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  • About Nosto - Personalization for Shopify

    Nosto uses powerful algorithms to automatically and in real time recommend the most relevant items for each individual customer throughout the entire shopping journey. Nosto comes with a default recommendation setup including up- and cross-sell recommendations, toplists, browsing history recommendations and much more placed on the most appropriate page types to boost sales.

  • Tips

    Note that installing Nosto is not just as simple as installing an app to your store. Some coding is required.

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    • Herb's Fortune

      This may be the best app for Shopify. 1) Functional. As best as we can tell, it does it's job, making our website more user-friendly and increasing average order size. 2) Good bang for your buck. We have been satisfied with our return given the monthly costs. 3) Great customer service and support website. These folks respond quickly, and their support page actually predicts what you are looking for. I am just thoroughly impressed.

    • Puravidabracelets

      I love the Nosto App because it truly makes integrating product recs into your site so easy and seamless. The admin settings within their app allows you to literally turn on and off product recs with the click of a button. I highly recommend this app to anyone who is looking to show additional products on product pages. I also love how well the Nosto App works on mobile devices and how quickly it loads on each page.

    • Estherboutique

      Good app - definitely contributes to increased sales. Found some of the analytics hard to find in the dashboard (under 'settings'). Also a bit of work to cut the data to get the exact info we want from it. Support team are incredibly responsive and really help to push performance. All in all a very good solution to cross-selling - v. minimal management, just let it run.

    • Homogenizers Net

      We've been using Nosto for over a year now and have it installed on all of our 5 stores. It's a great and relatively easy way to serve product recommendations to customers. The commission-based pricing is fair and ensures you get what you pay for. We've been able to integrate it seamlessly into our theme and support has always been very helpful.

    • Taft Clothing

      We have had a lot of success with Nosto. I have been looking for a good personalization app that conforms well to my site theme and this has added some great upselling options for our customers. I have worked extensively with the Nosto team and they have been a huge help. 5 stars all around.