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  • Minifier - Image and Website Optimization favorite

    Optimize all design elements without losing their quality. Faster page load, higher SEO, better user experience.
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    • Orlo360

      Very simple, clean, fast, and works flawlessly! I only had 69 images to fix, but I feel like it would have worked great even if I had more. Would be nice if it gave you the option to save and come back later to finish so you dont have to do it all at once. Also would be nice if you could click on the photos to see them at full size to compare before and after. At the smaller size I could not see any difference. Either way it did what I wanted it to do. Oh, one more thing to note, It tells you how much it is going to cost before doing it. This is nice so you have the option to back out if its to much. It bills to your Shopify account so no additional account needed.

    • Woodenearrings

      for image size reduction there was no difference made at all in the size of my images, though it said it would be about 8% smaller. The best thing this app does is rename your image files. that is actually worth the price of the app, though that's not what i wanted it for. if it would allow you to use a template to control the renaming of the image files that would be great! for file size reduction, this is not what you are looking for. it doesn't offer any control over the amount you reduce the image size nor does it allow you to restore your original images. Again, if you want to rename your image files its ok, but doesnt give you control of the names.

    • Bead Addiction 4

      I am working on a very large website that contains a large amount of images. I saw this App and thought let me give it a try. As I hit each button I hesitated each time everything went smooth, the app was easy to use and did a great job. I had 2700 images it took a while to handle the size of my site. If I had to do each image by hand it would have been endless. On top of it I added images and used it a second time again it was amazing and very quick. I have contacted the app developer and asked a few questions to say the least the response was quick and helpful. Can't say enough good about this great App

    • Epica 2

      I attempted to contact Support at Minifier before posting this, but after waiting over a week without any response, I'm going ahead with this review. Minifier touted its features well and even when processing our images for our Shopify store it appeared to be doing all it promoted. However, we ran a Google Page Speed test immediately before and after and Google still recommends image optimization. We saw a 1 point improvement in our Google scores, even though Minifier reported up to 80% savings in file sizes. I just don't see any value in this product. We'll try something else.

    • Rogue Hydro Llc

      I liked the app and it did everything as designed, but then on subsequent runs I began to notice issues. The app is fine overall, the issues are mostly with their billing. They bill you FIRST before they optimize and before you see the result. At first I thought it was just seeking approval, then you would be billed only the optimizations used. Turns out that isn't the case. If you don't use the optimized image you still pay for it and they don't even have a built in credit system. I'd be fine with just getting credited for the next use, but it is use or lose.