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    • Koralei

      mcafee is supposedly established in the computer world, yet the code is not automatically added and i'm sure i would've had to remove it manually. Based on the 1 star reviews I'd say that's on purpose so they have a reason to keep charging people that haven't removed everything (they probably do like other apps i've seen have done... they have access to the code and continue adding code even after removing it if you don't compare it using some code compare software online (diff programs) ... one star just for making me figure out the code but good thing they did or i would've installed it before reading the comments

    • Cbwss

      Would be brilliant if it didn't vanish after about 3 days. Ok, McAfee, so you want us to upgrade to a paid for version but think about it like this....every 1,000 people who log onto my store are no longer seeing you as a protector and strong brand champion of security. I think you are shooting yourself in the foot here. Perhaps one of your competitors will provide a free platform which boosts their brand and mine. Plus, haven't noticed any slide in sales since your logo vanished from the site.

    • Bvstore 19445

      Small businesses like us here at depend on apps and tools like McAfee Secure to keep us going while giving us that competitive advantage against the big companies. With McAfee, I'm confident that they treat us, a small business just as important as their big clients. There service and pricing are perfect for the small business, offering small business personalization, and an abundance of security tools that won't break the cash flow.

    • Toys4minds

      Love the app. Does exactly what its supposed to do and simple set up. I am updating my review. As much as I like this app its only free for a specific amount of times it is shown. I have been updating my site and apparently every time I refresh it uses one mcafee view so I ran out. Maybe in the future I might want to pay for it but having to pay for every app makes the store really expensive.

    • Curvyfitgirls

      I currently use the free version of this app on my shopify store Its fairly easy to set up, but I don't know if its actually benefited me or increased sales. My conversion rate is still about the same as before. But since its free i guess it doesn't hurt to add for those customers that actually look for this symbol when shopping online.