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  • MailMunch - Email Popup favorite

    Grow your email list with free customizable popups. Use exit intent popups, bars or embed forms. Give discount coupons and convert visitors.
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  • About MailMunch - Email Popup

    Mailmunch triggers popups on your website using exit intent, time on site, scroll, cart abandonment and more. Mailmunch is integrated with MailChimp and allows you to extend your mail base rapidly.

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    • Clachic Jewellery

      I have just installed this app and as such my review is not about functionality but about the features offered. I love that i can fully customize the tabs on this pop up. That is, changing the colours and adding a first and last name fields. Transitioning through the set up was a simple and quick process. There is an integration feature which i love, however i am currently unable to use and will address that in future and best of all this app allows you to add a customizable automatic email responder upon subscription. This is the best email pop up app based on features on the FREE plan that i have tried so far. However, as i said before i just installed so haven't had utility of it yet.

    • Goldyneero

      I would recommend this app to anyone looking for a popup solution on their site. It is very cost effective for the feature set that you get. It gives you great customization ability and control to make the subscription popup experience great for your website and customers. We really like the A/B testing feature that again comes at a great price as most other popup apps only provide this feature on their higher priced plans. Check out our site to see it in action.

    • Naturally Fine Clothing

      The forms are easy to create. However, if you select the incorrect form, you can't just click to change it. You'll have to start over. Customer support is SLLLOOWWWW! Sometimes it takes me 2 days to get a response of which by that time, I may have already dug around the interwebs for an answer from someone else. If they speed up service, this would be a 4. They don't let you do much for a low monthly cost, so a 5 is out of reach.

    • Illustrator Stuff

      Simple and easy to use, and best of all the basic option is FREE! This is the first truly free pop up window / email collector I know of available as a Shopify app (WAY better than paying $15/month for a popup!) so I am thrilled about that! Integrated easily with MailChimp and got it up and working very quickly. Had a minor technical difficulty but the issue was solved very quickly by the support team. Thanks!

    • Leotard Boutique

      After spending practically all day trying to make the popup form work through mailchimp, then getting the code to work on my shopify site (never happened), then realizing that so many others before me had the same problems without success, I was able to use the free MailMunch and had the popup set up, syncing with mailchimp, and working in 5 minutes. Thank you MailMunch!