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    The official app for connecting your store with Mailchimp. Automate your email marketing, track your ROI, and generate more repeat business!
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    Mailchimp is the best tool for automated email marketing. Mailchimp for Shopify helps you keep in touch with customers who have purchased a product from your Shopify store.

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    • Seamstressnew

      For ages now, I have been trying to get Mailchimp for Shopify app work. Some months ago, it showed as the mailing list from my shop was syncing, but the option of sending mailers form the Shopify Products Page never showed up. Now its another error as follows: "Oops! There was an internal server error. 500 Error : internal server error" Also, the support team has been coming up with really elementary solutions. First they asked me to try from another browser/ laptop! Then they asked me to try with another wireless network!! I am not an internet novice. My laptop and browser are working fine and my wireless network is doing great too. But anyway, I did try all the things they suggested. And exactly the same errors persisted. I think they need to get some technical guys involved involved in problem solving and have the technical aspects of problems looked into seriously. Also, for starters, they need to reconize that their app has a problem, rather than trying to make the browser or the network as the cause. Its been way too many days of this very basic level of investigation. If they looked at my history log, they would have known, there was struggling user here. I still hope they can do some serious problem solving and get this thing to work. But after this review, I doubt I am going to be very popular. I am sorry guys, its month of pent up frustration with your app.

    • Dovesanddaughters

      If I could leave a zero star rating, I would. Our experience with MailChimp was horrendous. We are a new-ish (been up & running for a little over two months) Shopify store and chose MailChimp as our email marketing service. I spent easily six or seven hours setting up our email flows for our customer base. Our account was then suspended citing a terms of service violation that was vague & confusing. I attempted to contact MailChimp MULTIPLE times over the course of a week. We were unable to reach a human the entire time. We got automated email after automated email with absolutely no information about why our account was suspended. I understand that it's necessary to implement fraud protection automations for their customers & I know they must have such a high volume of customer service emails coming in. But there is really no excuse. This was honestly the worst experience I've had with any app for Shopify. Since this mess, we've decided to go with Klaviyo for our email marketing. Not only are they SUPER helpful but their layout & services are far superior. You know, as I'm writing this review, I see that Shopify says, "If you had a bad experience, please try contacting the app developer at before posting a negative review." I wonder if they'd even respond to that...

    • Psychicthoughtspy

      There seems to be security issues that are serious threats. Mailchimp campaigns have analytcs and when alerts were sent to me about someone doing unusual activity and possibly multiple security breaches into my account, I expected a esponsible answer to find out and report it to the authorities such as DHS online. Instead,when I called their support and asked them if anything had been violated or tampered with, they said they were going to do an investigation. Suddenly the account was disabled - but with NO alert and NO explanation about what was going on. The only mail I got was right after chatting with customer support and they wrote that they wanted confirmation of certain campaigns (mailings) showing up with my IP, and tat unusual activity in remote locations is not always a threat. Huh?? So why was the account deactivated suddenly to stop EVERYTING? Now I wonder how many thousands of others who signed up to mailchimp have exprenced this because clearly, they "handled" me by decision to disable my account with NO tracking detais. You bet I want answers.

    • Brickhouse Boutique

      This app has changed and chimpified is gone and does not work as it did before. Previously I was able to create a newsletter directly from my shopify collections and now when I attempt to do it....option is still available it goes to a 404 error oops screen. This is one of the easiest ways for me to communicate with my customers. They say you can go into Mailchimp and pull the photos from shopify but that requires me to handpick each item and write details when the previous version was one click. All I had to do was put all the items into a collection and all data would transfer to a newsletter with no revisions needed. This is really bad. I contacted mailchimp and shopify support and they said that it was strange and they didn't have an answer. I contact chimpified and they said that we are all merged now so contact mailchimp. I already did. No one has the answer. The software change is lacking in so many areas. Not happy.....looking for other alternatives!

    • Natureglos Escience

      I did a ton of research and heard such great things about MailChimp. I'm sorry to say, I'm very disappointed. Here's the big reason why. When I went to set up my first campaign, it refused to submit my very first email, even with all the boxes checked indicating that everything was in good order and ready to send. But, NO, it had a red notice at the top saying something else was wrong without giving ANY direction as to what the heck it could be! It made my crazy and I decided to try Soundest so I could at least send my first campaign. Being that I'm on the MailChimp free plan, THERE'S NO SUPPORT for such an incident whatsoever. Or will you? Surprise me! I could come back! As it stands, I'd have to pay $9 JUST to get my first email out. Very poor as far as I'm concerned. If you're so popular, how about offering some support to those of us just starting out like many other apps do?? Seems you could afford it and improve your customer service!