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    Display beautiful photo reviews, import reviews, share reviews, create a reviews page, integrate reviews to SEO, reviews, reviews, reviews
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    Integrate customers reviews with their own photos of your product.

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    • Need For Color

      Have to say Loox is truly the BEST review app for Shopify! Actually, Loox is far beyond just a simple review app, Loox is a creative sales machine! As an online entrepreneur, I should deal with hundreds of business details and sometimes I may forget the essential things. If I can give you an advice, never forget about why you want to have a customer reviews on your site! You may have hundreds of five-stars reviews, thousands of great customer testimonials, but who will care about them if they are presented in such a boring way. Nobody has the time to read how great you are! Instead of this boring customer reviews around the web, Loox is changing the way how we should perceive the customer opinion in a completely revolutionary way. Just give Loox a try and you will expand your business right away!

    • Stickerbrand

      Shopify should include this app to all subscribers. The layout is clean and the photo uploads to the review is a genius idea. The same concept is adopted with Amazon and if it works with Amazon than it is a must with all websites. Installation was easy. We had over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and wanted to transfer them to our website and Loox was more than accommodating in helping us out. We have been looking for a review app for our website that fit our theme and this is it. Since our install we are getting 5-8 reviews daily from our customers. We offer 25% off for photo reviews. I am sure we will get more reviews in the coming weeks. Great App! Great Customer Service. Looking for a lot relationship with Loox.

    • Zephyr Vapor

      Love the app and it has definitely increased the conversion of customers from window shopper to actual sales since we started using it. I spent some time trying to find the best app with the most bang for your buck and finally settled on Loox for the low cost of entry. We've made the money back that we've invested in Loox many fold over. If you don't have the ability for customers to leave reviews on your site you're just throwing away valuable sales channels. Every time we get a review it's incredibly easy to repost on our main FB page. There's nothing easier than allowing your happy customers to do your selling for you. I wish I would have done this sooooo long ago...Worth every penny!

    • Milanblocks

      We are running a retail and wholesale online business related about acrylic clutch and shoes, we really want to engage with our customers by reviews, this company just provide what we exactly want, customers can uploate their image on it, also this can be recorded by Google search engine, they automatcially send review require email to customers, I never expect any customer will write reviews to us, but a week ago, we start got a lot of reviews with their pictures, I am sooo happy about that, excpet this, when you ask for helping, this company answer me and solve my problem in seconds, I couldn't believe I am using a free apps and get so wonderful features and customer service!

    • Thug Ave Sales

      Love that app, recently switched from shopify reviews were recently had almost 200 . Wanted something more, and easier to reach customers for reviews without having to personally email them . So gave Loox a try installed it sunday when we switched themes and absolutely love it . Sends out a email requesting reviews on the products ordered 7 days after shipping confirmation. After setting everything up emails were sent to previous customer from the last 90s days for to review it went out 24 hours after installing and already have almost 100 reviews submitted in one day and many with pictures . Im glad we switch its definitely a upgrade from shopify payments .