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  • Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot

    Sell more by showing the right products to each shopper. Personalizer app drives $28MM+ a month in extra revenues for our customers' shops.
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  • About Personalizer - Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot

    The #1 Rated Product Recommendation App on Shopify. World-class Support with 750+ Five-Star reviews. Free until Personalizer drives you more than 3x your app subscription fee.

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    • Greenlifesg

      Extremely powerful app, increasing the conversion rate and making the site look more alive. 2 min to install, 1 min to update and accurate suggestions. All of that for FREE. Really great

    • Financialfashion

      This is by far the best app on shopify, the service is world class, the app generates clicks and buys. Awesome stuff and I look forward to what's to come from this developer. Get this app now.

    • Aimn Oceania

      So far the support has been great, got my questions answered and help setting up the software. The app has generated extra sales as well so I'm happy!

    • Brands4all

      The app is awesome and the support, which usually is far more important to everyday users, exceptional! Rarely does it take more than one day for the support to get back to us. They are always there to answer our questions and help us with whatever task comes to our minds.

    • Only Ukuleles

      Grat app! It works like a charm. The recomendation boxes are completly customizables so it blends really good with my shop template making it look like it's just part of it. Excellent. Special shout out to the LimeSpot support team! You gals and guys are just great. They helped me a lot. In a matter of minutes they had the app customized as I requested and even fixed the mess I did with the code... Thanks Ryanna! Keep on the GREAT work LimeSpot... your app just rocks!

    • Bratlist

      Top notch customer service and attention to details. Responded to my first query within hours and fixed the problem themselves before getting back in touch with me. I know "the review" is lifeblood for startup app companies like this, I still have never left one ever in my life for any product but this - this is sorcery almost. Can we take a moment and realize what this really is?? This team ... they built an entire recommendations engine into a shopify app.. .. do you know how hard that is to do?!? It's mind boggling. Fellow Shopify store owners, download this app immediately.

    • Studio Petit Pois

      I received the recommendation from a Shopify representative and I was very pleased from the beginning from the wealth of features and the wise possibilities, plus the comfortable pricing plan. In my previous position I have designed similar interfaces myself what make me appreciate your system even more. Last but not least, the great communication and customer service: Wealth of information, problem solving, care for new features needs and even a specific adjustment for my needs. Thank you!

    • Roma Designer Jewelry

      Unbelievable customer service + unparalleled customization of upsell/cross-sell settings has made Limespot one of our most important apps.

    • Athena Yoga Boutique

      1st class APP, with a 1st class support team. No waiting around wondering if they will email you back, they even CHECK in! I have used several of the apps that Shopify offers, and WOW the response time on emailing back and willingness to aid a new store owner is OUTSTANDING. I own another business that is very successful and it is all customer service. This new world of apps, seems to lack customers service. Not this APP or it's team. Once we added this app to our store not only is it driving new traffic but the site really POPS. I had no idea that it would do this. I love how it works so well with my store. Our feedback on our site went thru the roof. I didn't use a Shopify Theme, so I was very nervous adding this but I have no REGRETS. You won't either. Thank you LimeSpot for everything. I can’t wait to get my next store going. Jessica K