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  • langify

    Reach new customers from all around the world by translating your shop into any number of languages.
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    • This That The Online Store

      Awesome app!! I had been researched a lot if I could manually create myself the website with two langauges (English and Icelandic) on Shopify without using any apps and with no knowledge about coding. Langify is my absolute answer! The reason that is I could not translate English to Icelandic without making my webpage looks like a mess (because I have no idea whatsoever about coding) and Langify has the reasonable price comparing to other apps which I am willing to pay for. You can translate manually as many languages as you want with Langify. Other apps, you pay equally price to Langify or more for one language but the price immediately raise up when you want to translate more than two. And the Langify app creator, Johannes, helps me in every steps if I have trouble with the app with no extra cost. Thank you for create this app, Johannes!! I really appreciate it :).

    • Rosenstaub

      This APP has made it possible for us to move our Germany-based fashion brand's online store to SHOPIFY. All product descriptions, pages and even more importantly the checkout process could easily be translated. Front page text can be translated by using the "custom translations" feature that makes it possible to virtually translate every word that appears on your website. Using this app is self-explanatory. For some little tweaks we couldn't figure out ourselves, we reached out to the developer, Johannes, and his team. We received very qualified and helpful assistance. During their office hours their replies came immediately. Almost like a helpline / chat. On top of that Johannes was kind enough to sort out some other issues for us where a third-party-app was causing a conflict within our theme. This is a rare and very valuable form of support!

    • By Silke

      I did a lot of research in all the options available regarding translation and this seemed the one which people were talking best things about. Indeed, the app installs smoothly and the whole translation process is straightforward for text and for images in case you have to translate any visual content. The rest of the reviews here mentioned a lot about the good support and it wasn't any different with me. Johannes support is top notch, he not only provided the help we needed but also gave some advice outside what he was supposed to. On top of that, the speed of his support was highly above the average development support I had in many years working in the industry (agency and client side) which helped a lot due to a tight deadline we had to have the whole content translated. I really think it couldn't have been a better experience!!

    • Doggyfy

      Translating a whole website into another language including collections, products and blogs is a long and daunting process. Langify, with its structured sections has made it much easier than I thought. I too have to add what all the reviewers say is that the support is excellent. Johannes answered all my queries and doubts months before I installed the app. The App is really easy to use so you just need to translate and not worry about any technicalities. For me the pre-installation support helped me a lot so I did not have to ask too much during the translation process. The translation is not automatic it is manual so the most important thing is to find the best possible translator sites on the internet to give the right meaning, not just translate. A bad translation is a real turn off for customers.

    • Cellbone Hong Kong

      We did not switch to Shopify before because they do not support multi language. Until we've found Langify -- I think Shopify should thank Johannes for this smart application. This is the best app we have used so far, Johannes' support is impeccable, fast and helpful. Yet price is extremely reasonable and you get 1000% more than what you pay for. There are of course limitations to the app, some items are still not translatable such as product names on checkout page, and some other apps such as yotpo and anything that runs on iframes. Neverthless almost 95% of our site was translated and we are satisfied. We have been running the site for over 3 months and so far no bugs. We recommend Langify to everyone and it is definitely the best app in the store.