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    Check & Fix SEO related issues on your store for higher page ranking in search results. Higher ranking = more targeted traffic and sales.
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    • The Fox And The Mermaid

      I have waited to write a review in hopes that the service would eventually start working, but it has been 5 months and none of my 5 keywords has budged. 2 have still not even ranked (!) and the other 3 are exactly where they started when I signed up. They *say* they have a 120 day money back guarantee, but if you try to get them to honor it they will just stop replying to you. On top of this, I paid for the service on 1/3 but when no one had even logged into my account by 1/25 I emailed to ask what was going on and only then did someone log in and get started. At that point I was already getting billed for the next cycle despite no work having been done during the first one. They ask you to write a review before you have even had a chance to use their service. This company does not seem legit to me.

    • Sneak Peek Baby Boutique

      It has only been a few days since I downloaded this app but so far the customer service team has been excellent. I have been in business for a year and I am a complete novice in SEO language. Not only is the app helpful in diagnosing areas of improvement but the developers include a free class that is sent over a few days to your email to EXPLAIN why certain things are important and how to get where you want to be. I think that if you are better versed in this world you could do a lot of the recommendations yourself. Because of all this help with the free part I have decided to sign up for the monthly plan. I will write in again once I have more results. As of today this app is worth it for sure.

    • Toxicnatos

      Their service was okay. I think I expected too much since I paid up front, and I wasn't told when the work would be completely until I asked them about it. Then they did complete it on time, but I was expecting more work to be done than what was actually done. I thought that their work would including site optimization, which would increase my store loading speed, and this was not the case. I even sent them a screen shot of what google said needed fixing on my site 6 days before they were done. They said the would look into it. A couple days later they said they are done with my site, but they didn't address any of the issues in the Google speed test I sent them.

    • Kayses

      I'm not sure if this is one guy working on code or a team working on it, but whoever the individuals are, they seriously deserve a pat on the back. They really know how to optimize SEO. The price will be out of range for some people, but it really is useful once you put the investment into it. The only feedback I would have is have a starter package so it doesn't just go immediately from Free to a high monthly payment, since most people will immediately not opt-in because of that. Aside the point, incredible job!

    • Coolpremier 2

      So you have a new business or an existing business and your wondering why it's not doing so well. Well I was one of those people too! I then decided to see if I could find an app that would show me where things are going wrong. I decided on SEO Doctor, and I'm glad I did! SEO Doctor was easy to get started, just install and run. After less then a minute SEO Doctor presented me with a percentage and a list of my websites strengths and weaknesses. Best of all it didn't cost me anything! I recommend SEO Doctor!