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    Need a digital marketing expert? Kit knows email marketing, Instagram advertising, Facebook Ads and more. Hire Kit—free!
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    Kit helps you launch your advertising campaigns on Instagram and Facebook you choose with the help of a bot. Every day Kit follows up with you on Messenger or SMS text (your preference) with marketing suggestions. It's a good way to save you time on web-marketing decisions.

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    • Urbanyoga

      Err. Weird. If you don't care about communications or the way your brand presents itself to your target market then this might be great for you. If however you do care then tread with caution. Only installed the app 24 hours ago and already see an app full of flaws. The strange thing is that most of these could easily be fixed but they won't/can't. For example, they choose to only use the Facebook profile pic as the source of your e-mail header. So, if for any reason you use anything other than your company logo here (perhaps as a promo) then your messages will look strange as it will pull in that image to your e-mails. Can you just upload a logo to use? NO!! And even if you do want to use that image, it looks so terribly small on the communications they produce it looks completely ridiculous. Oh and on their e-mail templates, they use an odd number of product options, so the e-mails end up looking like there's a product missing from the message (There is an obvious space missing at the bottom where another product should go!). It's so odd I'm a bit gobsmacked this issue hasn't been flagged or fixed. There's also an option to send a thank you e-mail for new and repeat customers, which in principle is a great idea and something you want to automate, but you have to see the basic way it looks. It's like it was produced on a typewriter and sent from a fax machine. Can you spruce it up and make it look more pleasing on the eye? No you can't!! Just 24 hours in and I'm not sure if I'll still be around in another 24. Support is also about as helpful as a chocolate fireguard, which doesn't help.

    • Goateesaver Goatee Shaving Template

      Kit has been the best decision that I've made in a long time. I was selling about 15-20 units a day of my product on the various websites where I'm listed. I came across the Kit's ad and decided to give it a try. The first day I had Kit setup the account and also created the ad, I sold 40 units that day, the next 60, and the third day 80, 100, then 120. I wanted to test to see what has really been driving my sales so I turned off the Kit FB ads and ran my own FB ads. When I did that, my sales dropped do 40-50 a day. Hey, I'm still pumped that I'm selling that many over the 15. After a week or so, I decided to turn Kit loose again to do it's thing of making money and my sales went back to 80 the first day and 100 the second. I promise I'm NOT a part of their sales team. I know it may seem that I am because of my excitement but this APP has totally changed my business. I'm extremely grateful. They also provide great individualized customer service. BTW, I have reached out to some of the Amazon customers to ask them how they found out about us and most all said because of a FB ad. I had not run any FB ads before doing so with KIT. My product is a goatee shaving template, During this time I've also been approached by several viral marketing companies asking if they could use my video to make their own videos. Well, heck yeah you can!! I know that this has also added to the drive in my sales.

    • Blended Designs

      I am so incredibly grateful that this app exist! I have an Etsy shop AND a Shopify store so managing the orders takes up a lot of time. As a result, I had difficulty having the time to create ads that drive sales and build awareness. I signed up for Kit because I saw that they could not only manage that portion of the business for me but do it for BOTH platforms. It might be one of the best decisions that I have made. It feels odd to refer to Kit as an app because everything is so personal. Over the past month, my business has reached an all time and the only thing that changed was that I turned over the marketing to Kit. In one month, Kit's ads have driven more traffic and sales than I have been able to do in the past six months combined. Kit has made it possible for me to increase awareness and build customer relationships while I focus on building my product portfolio and processing orders. I have always been a firm believer that it is "the little things" that companies do that bring back repeat customers. Kit automatically sends emails to customers after they purchase and the feedback that I have received from customers shows that they appreciate it. The ROI has been amazing and I can't thank them enough for all they have done. I recommend Kit HIGHLY!

    • Epictoys

      Kit itself is good if like me you know what your doing on FB to monitor but just dont have the time to do it yourself, the ads it creates are decent providing you set up your preferred products correctly in the dashboard and your products look decent on your site, it can’t polish a .... It’s also intelligent, the longer you run it the better it gets. There will be some ads it suggests that don’t look great but it will pull random products unless you tell it otherwise. Be wary if you set up the dynamic ads function, you will lose access to your shop from your personal FB page and have to access via the business page site on Facebook, this completely threw me and I thought I’d lost my shop, I hadn’t I just had to access it in a different way. Unfortunately, Shopify customer support is not as clued up as they should be on KIT but I spoke to a KIT CS guy who set me straight and sorted everything out. It’s worth setting up the dynamic adds just don’t panic like me when you think your FB shop is down and whatever you do don’t listen to Shopify customer support if they tell you to de-link your shop and re-link, it will go down for days and you don’t need to do it!!

    • Karma Mala

      All I can say is WOW!! As a one-woman business, I have to do it all. Not being social media or tech savy, marketing was the bane of my existence. . .that was until I began using Kit. From the very first day, I knew I struck gold. I had a website on another platform for a year, but my Shopify website was brand new. My support guru, Aram, guided me through the process of transferring all of my customers to my new Shopify site so Kit would have more to work with. He made it his goal that Kit generate as much success as possible for my non-profit business. I have since had several phone conversations with Aram. It is incredible to me that whenever the need arises, he's there to help! That is above and beyond - who does that today?? I am still very new to Kit, but my first success came when Kit recommended that I send out an email promotion of a product. That email resulted in a customer appointment and $300 sale. With Kit's ability to create custom and look-alike Facebook audiences, I can't wait to see what happens when I begin placing ads there, which I plan to do very soon. Thank you Kit, thank you Aram! I feel like my prayers have been answered.