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  • Free Pop Ups & Conversion Marketing Platform

    Justuno is the premier social marketing tool to convert website visitors into social and email leads via a simple instant offer widget on your site.
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    • Shinesty

      JustUno has been a super simple, useful tool for us capture site visitors' emails. Their client service is amazing. Whenever I have a question about the platform, I simply email JustUno. I always get a quick response, and someone who has taken the time to thoroughly answer my question or thoughtfully explain the solution to my problem. This often involves someone at JustUno showing me via a custom video recording or Skype call how to set up a certain promotion within the platform, and/or staging everything for me so all I have to do is double-check that it's correct. They also proactively suggest tips and best practices to enhance our promotions' performance. While sometimes my problems are complicated (like complex rules needed for promotions), the platform is overall fairly simple and easy to use (without prior design or testing experience) - and the customer service 110% fulfills any need that can't be easily met via self-service in the platform.

    • Birksun 3

      We have been using JustUno for over 6 months and I have nothing but great things to say. Our ability to capture emails cost effectively and help convert customers onsite went to another level. Their customer success team (shoutout to Jenna and Miranda) is always happy to help and their response time is fast so that you can implement changes quickly. You can tell that their team really wants your business to improve and succeed. I have also been very happy with their development team, who continues to add new features and stay ahead of the curve in the e-commerce space. One area where I think they can improve is their design tool. It is a little clunky, but overall you get used to it... and I heard they are making improvements. I am happy to give them 5-stars and would recommend any e-commerce company to check them out.

    • Wunder Budder

      This app is almost awesome. It's a great idea, super easy to use, customize, install, etc. I wish all apps were this easy. But then I came back here and noticed there was a review (scroll to the bottom) mentioning that it covers half the page when using mobile. I tested it out, and for the first second I thought it would be fine, the tab on the side didn't really cover too much, it was thin enough, but then the coupon popped out without me even touching anything. The coupon not only covered the entire screen, but it wouldn't close. I uninstalled this immediately after. I'm so glad I read that as I probably wouldn't have noticed for a while, leaving my site completely unusable on moblie. So, yeah, almost awesome. If there was a way for it to not show up on the mobile version of my side, it would be totally awesome.

    • Miamibeachbody Pxs

      I tried several platforms before committing to Justuno. Justuno gave me all the options I could desire in this type of application. I can configure interactive pop ups, create our own images, our own ideas, and integrate with an email or automation system, We have control of every single detail in the design, creation, and targeting. We can have our reports to analyze the performance and integrate with Google Analytics. We have no complaints from the team, and every time that we needed anything they were always there for us. The price, they have every type of options, from paid options to a FREE start up options for web sites that get up to 5000 visitors per month. There is not risk in trying, and the reward is substantial. I totally recommend it.


      some shops are good for this App, some might not be ready. That's not to say there is something wrong with the App, there really isn't. For my shop in this example, I was not ready for JustUno because I chose to not include coupon codes for atleast the first year. This might work on novelty items (like I have) but for larger shops, this is a fantastic app. How many times have you ever googled to try and find a coupon code just for even 5% off of something. This way, you get more likes, and followers. Great App. Recommended for shops that move a lot of product and are willing to part ways with 5%-10% off of their profit. But that might be part of your business plan