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  • JSON-LD for SEO

    Never worry about SEO markup or rich snippets again! One click allows search engines and others to understand your store and products.
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    • Harborough Safe Co

      The price and stock level now show up in a product search on google as a rich snippet. All I have done is buy this app. I was a little unsure what it would do but the proof of it working is when you search for one of your products on google and your site shows up with the information people need as a rich snippet in the search result. It has worked for me. The support from Eric has been excellent. The after sale support and constant free educational emails you receive make it very good value. Eric even helped with suggestions on improving my general SEO and I appreciate that. I recommend this app. Check out one of my products on my website Do a google search for one of the products and see the rich snippet on google for yourself.

    • Www Itsinthebagboutique Com

      Highly recommend this app! I purchased the SEO Plus+ plan and I am now seeing rich snippets for my products! Eric, sent me a personal email with screen shots showing some of these rich snippets. My business has increased and I believe that this is due to the app. Just love the one-time fee. In addition, Eric sends me a helpful email daily and is always available to answer any of my questions. You can’t go wrong with this app. Check these out! Concealed Carry Drawstring Backpack by VISM – www ... Rating: 5 - ‎1 vote Apr 20, 2017 - Looking for a concealed carry backpack to hold all you essential plus your handgun of choice? Take a look at this drawstring backpack by ...

    • Brilliant Ways

      I purchased the Plus+ Package and it has been really great. My wife's store ( and my store ( both started receiving Rich Snippets within a few weeks instead of the projected 8-11 week time frame. That was really exciting to see. We have also noticed from random searches from some keyword research that our websites are coming up on the first page, sometimes first link, on Google. We are very happy with our purchase and the feedback I have received from Eric has been really great. He responds quickly and gives honest thoughts for what ever you are asking. I'm very happy with my purchase and I would highly recommend buying his app. The Plus+ version is a nice bonus and worth the money in my opinion.

    • Luckyblokehq

      As a business that values customer service above all else, we cannot sing the praises of Eric Davis (and Little Stream Software) enough. These apps (you really should check them all out) are affordable, customer-centric and incredibly valuable assets for moving your business forward. JSON-LD for SEO could easily be sold as a monthly recurring fee app. The fact that Eric offers it for a (very) reasonable one-time fee -- while he continues to optimize it and increase its value is on its own spectacular. This 5-star review is well-deserved and we wish we could give him 10-stars. JSON-LD will pay for itself many times over and if you're serious about your Shopify site, purchasing this app is a no-brainer.

    • Issimoteca

      Very recommendable App for everyone who takes his ecommerce Business and SEO seriously. Easy to install, the results came almost immediately in my case (first pages started showing up after a week with the improved snippets) and the App developer Eric keeps you informed about all sorts of things surrounding the Shopify universe via his Newsletter. All in all I would say it is worth every cent, my organic traffic increased significantly and my sales are actually starting to increase as well as a result of the growing traffic. I am more than satisfied and will probably also add the Sticky Add to cart button to my store soon.