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    InstantSearch+ is the best Shopify search app. Thousand of merchants use Instant Search and Merchandising to increase conversion.
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    • Floorcity

      I tried this app day 1 and I fell in love with what it does for search drop down on the search box at the top of our website. Plus on mobile it also looked and worked perfectly. Then I ran into the challenge of the search filter which was not very mobile friendly. I found a few websites that did have this search filter process worked out but still had challenges. So, I wrote up an outline of how the refine process could reduce confusion of when you selected an attribute like size for the filter menu to collapse and the page to refresh...once it did you would see the products remaining after filtering. Before when I first used the app it would refresh and still show the filter...requiring you to go back and find the Refine button to close the left menu.

    • Itm Components

      If your website has a lot of products, this app is a must-have. We looked at a couple of other search apps and Instant Search were the only ones that could provide exactly what we wanted. Support is quick, friendly and effective. I have contacted Ed and Jay at various times, every time they have been really, really helpful. What I also like is that they continuously add new features and improve things. I totally recommend these guys. ***NEW UPDATE 6/March*** Again, Ed has pulled out all the stops! I was trying to work out a way of coding the search page so that a banner image appeared when a certain collection was searched for. Ed created a solution which worked perfectly. I cannot praise their support enough. Their service is second to none.

    • Rainbowvapes

      Hi all, just trialing this at the moment, seems to work well so far. With the large amount of flavourings and e-liquids that we have, the odd customer gets fed up with searching through all the products, hopefully this will help to speed things up with them. Had the trail and had a really really good reponse, a huge amount of folks have been using this to add the favourings they are after, Before I was getting a few people a month saying they were sick of loading pages to find what they were after, no complaints at all now. Have to say this is one of the best apps that has been added to Rainbowvapes, has improved sales and has helped give us an advantage over our competitors Well worth having this on any website with a lot of products

    • Teachers Pay Teachers

      This is the TOP search/filter app for Shopify. I tried several combinations of search and filter apps with an aim to provide a consistent browsing experience using custom filters across collection pages and search results pages. This is the only app that does this! The only hiccup that I had was that my filters were appearing out of order (e.g. Feb, Dec, Mar, Jul, etc. vs. Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr) because the order of the custom filters is based on the number of products in each filter. With their JS Callback feature though, you can customize just about anything you want with the collection and search results pages, so we were able to resolve this problem. Great app with ultimate control!

    • Season with Spice - Asian Spice Shop

      We've had the basic Shopify search box on our site for awhile even though it doesn't work for most customers. They have to type a complete word that matches the exact spelling on our site for it to show results. We finally came across the InstantSearch app, and it has transformed the experience for our customers. It so much easier now for them to find the products they are looking for (and it has helped us increase sales by suggesting to them similar products in the search dropdown). Also, the customer service for this app has been wonderful. Ed was busy helping us integrate our toolbar search on a Sunday morning. Thanks Ed! A well deserved 5 stars.