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    • Whites Home Store

      The functionality of this app is great. It is good if you don't have a super swish theme however I use the retina theme whose functions are more advanced than this but Retina is quite an expensive theme. This is free and is an app and what you get for free is brilliant. You set up your account then just connect your instagram account. It opens up all your posts (in stages not all at once) and gives you the option to hide any images you don't want to be used to go on shopping from instagram. There are simple to understand embed instructions which are fool proof. It even creates your pages for you. This is a very easy to use system and the only thing I didn't find perfect was the width of the website embed feed. Too narrow. That is not to say it was narrow but my theme uses a full width banner and I need this functionality . So I use this app on instagram only. Once they sort out side to side feeds with more flexibility in the layout I will put it on the website too. I give it 4 stars because of the width of the feed not tying in with my site. But this is a very very good app and I bet they will keep tweaking and improving it. Then I will do another review at 5 stars for sure!

    • Yoga Democracy

      So far so good. I'm so far giving it 4/5 due to the lack of ways in which I can see to capture emails and the lack of a way to have multiple product links. Some images show more than one of our products and it'd be nice to have that. I know they are planning to roll out multiple product link options so hope that happens soon. I'd like a newsletter option in. Based on my experience with other similar apps, these shoppable Insta apps are a great way to collect opt in emails. That would also let me create an automated email campaign using my email marketing service to offer a coupon in exchange for opting into my newsletter via Snappt. Support has been great. The layout is beautiful. We are using the embedded shop grid for now and see how that works for conversions. So far very happy!- Edited to upgrade to 5 stars. For a young app, these guys keep adding great functionality. Hopefully I'll get my email capture at some point but really so impressed I have to upgrade them already!

    • Nanasshabyattic

      It has been a really long time since I have even bothered to leave a review for a phone/laptop application, because most applications fail to impress me, or are just plain terrible. SNAPT IS AMAZING! I run a shop, on Etsy and I have my own store front on Shopify, NanasShabyAtTic & NanasShabyAtTic4u, selling chalk painted furniture & decor, handmade, all-natural bath and beauty products, and much more. Being a new store owner, trying to run all of these social media accounts + keep up with customer questions and orders... is nearly impossible! I am sure a lot of those who have downloaded this app, understand what I mean. I do not know if I would still be up and running if it was not for this app. I now receive over 60% of my traffic from my Instagram account, and have officially made my first 3 sales!

    • Wass Island Clothing

      I LOVE this app. The instructions are clear and it's Easy Peezy! After just a tiny bit of fedoodaling I was able to figure it out and it works great! It's easy to use, easy to install and it looks incredible. I searched the internet and the shopify app store for something like this for 2 weeks and couldn't find anything easy to install and Free like this app. I am so impressed! Thank you Snpppt for being the answer to my dream of having a Shoppable Instagram Feed on my Shopify site! I love that I can customize what my customers see so that just my products appear on my website leaving my Instagram page as is... Great job! xoxo

    • Tyvekwallets

      So far so good! Just started using the application and it was very simple to set up. After setting up i was able to choose the products/lifestyle images we wanted to feature and it was very smooth. Have an issue with changing the text but i put in a request for support, still waiting on that since i just sent the email yesterday. 5 stars as to what this app does, looks beautiful really happy i decided to install. Hope i can get the support i need for the text but aside from that anyone with instagram and has products to sell, get this app!