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  • Image Optimizer - Image Compression and Optimization

    Optimize your images file sizes. Accelerate your store, improve SEO and boost the conversion rate!
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    • The Village Country Store

      LOVE IT!!! ***** - The world has gone mobile! We need every advantage we can get to optimize our site, speed, multi-tasking and multi- screens - We literally only have a few seconds to retain our customers with great deals and great service, BUT .... if our site takes toooo long to load, our pics to hefty, and have chunks of scripts with apps that are too huge and burdensome, ... our customers leave and are on to more friendlier sites that load fast to meet their needs and demanding schedules! My test score soared high among mobile and desktop devices with the use of this app! Don't wait, increase you sites speed and visibility NOW with this incredible app! ... and CUSTOMER SERVICE??? SIMPLY THE BEST!!! When I had a problem, Vitalii answered my support ticket super fast, offered suggestions and even manually helped me out! Who does that in todays' world? Who literally takes the time to treat your questions as though they were their own questions and views your site as though it is their own and wants the best for you??? I cannot rave high enough and review big enough about this app, It is simply the best, ...big bang for your buck and now I have piece of mind knowing that my site is mobile and desktop/laptop friendly. Priceless! Thank you Vitalii!!! - Michele Adams/Shopkeeper -

    • Chateauantiques

      This is amazing! I'm only annoyed that I didn't get this app sooner. For $17 my website is not only faster for my visitors, but maybe more importantly my Google Pagespeed score has gone from RED (51%) to AMBER (79%!!!). If I understand correctly, this will improve my Google rankings and make my Adwords campaigns more cost effective. For $17! I was trying to do this myself image by image ... I'm glad I only did a few hundred (!) before I found this app. is much faster now - take a look (buy some antiques if you like!), I'm really happy with what this app has done and giving five stars is the least I can do for the developers.

    • Poocheo

      App worked fine, until I was having an issue with a few images and used the restore function to see if that made a difference. Turned out that after restoring all of my images and figuring out that wasn't the problem, there was no way to re-optimize those pics. I sent a support request asking if there was a way to do this, and no response after a week. They did, however, manage to send a request for a review during this time. I deleted this app and installed a different (and free) app that does the same thing but that allows you to optimize and restore the same pictures as many times as you want without issue.

    • Hixx

      Excellent App and world class customer service. I am a COMPLETE novice and quite frankly very nervous about adding plug ins or pushing any buttons at all. However, I took the plunge and wow am I glad I did. First of all it dramatically improved my scores. I had a further question and their customer service got back to me in minutes ( maybe it was even seconds...anyway, it was an impressive response). They guided me through the answer and significantly helped me out when they didn't need to at all. Above and beyond What I would have expected and so I really can't recommend this app and the people behind it enough.

    • High5humans

      Great App. Easy to install, easy to use. It did almost everything for me once I understood how it worked and approved the process to continue throughout the website automatically. Took about 10 minutes to do over 800 images and saved me over 40mb with no change in image quality - it actually improved a couple, which was an added benefit. In reviewing all of the images upon completion, I was able to spot a few adjustments that needs to be made, so all in all, this was very much worth my time and money... all $8 of it. Thank you, Chris -