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  • Semantics3 Analytics

    Semantics3 Analytics tracks all your store data and customer behavioral data with just one click.
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    • Bvstore 19445

      We have been using this app for months and find the in depth reporting capabilities extremely valuable. Paired with our google analytics, it helps us easily understand our demographic and the way our traffic flows through our store. I adore the lost sales feature. It was a bit difficult to figure out how to proactively use the lost sales feature, but when we paired it with GA and began to map how and where our potential customers came from, we were able to use that information to market to those areas more effectively and spend less money marketing to areas that had no impact on our potential customer flow.

    • Dnptees

      So far, I've found Hits Analytics to be very useful and user-friendly. I was able to get everything set up with minimal effort and the app began reporting analytics almost right away. I plan to utilize the campaign capabilities more starting at the beginning of 2016, but even just the customer, product and order information has been helpful in getting an overview of how my store and my products have been performing. It's been especially useful over the Holiday Season for 2015. Great app… Looking forward to see what other enhancements the team makes in the near future.

    • Beyond U

      Hits Analytics has given me clear and meaningful data to identify my strengths, and weaknesses, as a business. I've been able to use the data to significantly increase conversion rates, determine where cart drops were occurring, and drive sales. Whether I need a lot of data, or just a few lines, Hits provides it. And for those times I have a question, well, I know I will always get an answer quickly which is critical to myself and my store. Using your platform has surely contributed to my success as a store and will be my go-to this holiday season!

    • Wallis Reid Jewelry

      "The first report from Hits Analytics was shocking, a real eye opener for us, and now indispensable in planning our advertising and seo implementation. In our industry customer’s have almost limitless choices and in choosing a niche we also build potential search limits." Hits really pinpoints the products that are pulling in real buyers with enough individual detailed contact information that we can immediately target. We feel that any commerce relying on the internet needs this app. now!" Michael Wallace Co-Founder Wallis Reid Jewelry"

    • Quilts I Am

      I'm giving a 4 star, because #1 I'm not tech savy at all and really never had an opportunity to have such an app that can do all this.Much less a wonderful web host like shopify! I am impressed so far and like it! It will take a bit of time for me to understand what this app does, so I'm learning as I go. With that being said I highly think all business need this app. I'll come back later and change to 5 stars in a couple weeks. Thank you for making great apps and I feel like a kid in a candy store!