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  • Hide PayPal in Cart

    Reduce cart abandonment rate. Improve customer checkout experience. Hiding PayPal button if you don't want it at shopping cart.
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    • Firstmilestone

      This is a really great app, I have only had it installed for a couple of days and have already seen a 50% increase in bank transfer payments over PayPal which greatly reduces the amount of fees I have to pay for sales - can't complain about that! Billy was incredibly helpful and professional in both ensuring that the app worked properly and in removing the delay in the button disappearing. Everything was done in a timely and friendly manner and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to anyone considering using it.

    • Chuzmii Hair Co

      Unfortunately, I can't even tell you if it works or not. The owner Billy something wasn't even able to confirm if it was him who removed the logo or if it was y company's separate service provider. For this reason I give it a 0. If the app had worked I would have given Billy a 1 for being completely rude, sarcastic and unprofessional. I personally don't think he deserves a dime, but you will have to make the choice for yourself. Thank for reading.

    • Babygiftbox Com Au

      Fantastic app and awesome service. The app does what it says in hiding the Paypal buttons. It was simple to use and completed in seconds. We needed to ask a couple of questions prior to installation and the response from Billy was prompt, professional and courteous. Billy also went out of his way to assist us with additional customization. We highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to remove the Paypal buttons from both cart and checkout.

    • Beads And Dangles

      I didn't know I needed this app until I found it while scrolling through the app store. While PayPal is not my payment method of choice, I had only recently put it on my website when a good customer requested it. The way it displayed so prominently, it bothered me that more customers would use it. Now that I have HIide PayPal in Cart, I have the best of both worlds......oh, and did I mention it is only $0.25 a month? Love this app!!!

    • Mes Amies Soaps

      I didn't realize I needed this app until I found it! My theme is very simplistic, mainly black & white, and that big, ugly, yellow Paypal button stood out like a sore thumb on my cart page. I'm glad it's gone now! I had a question for the support team, and Billy replied to my email in less than ten minutes on a Sunday night! I'm very impressed.