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  • Happy Customers - Free Promotion Bar

    Adjustable bar establishing trust and credibility by showing the number of orders your store has already processed. 4000+ active installs
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    • Mivice

      THIS APP IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR ANY SHOPIFY STORE OWNER NEW OR EXPERIENCED. However, in order to make this bar mobile friendly on your store, YOU MUST keep your font size anywhere from 12-16, keep your Text Padding at 0-1, and only choose "Top of the Page." If you choose "Top of Page Push Down Content" it will make your drop down menu (on mobile) overlap with images on your pages so stick with the aforementioned and then watch the money pile up all thanks to this little app that makes a BIG difference in sales (especially for beginners.

    • Hands Off My Coffee

      Great, simple and easy to use. I see this helping me generate a lot of customers and establish trust. Don't feel bad about using this, all you are doing is getting the customer to buy something that they want. You are actually a legitimate business that is not going to scam them, this just lets them feel that way.

    • Gamesrcheap

      Excellent app that drives sales and increases conversions for your store as well as establishes trust to the customer. Would highly recommend that you give this app a shop; it's customizable options alone are great and yo u can truly do whatever you want with it and it full supports HTML.

    • Poshcuddles

      iv has seen a few stores use this app and I have been dying to find it. I was nearly at the point of hiring a developer lol I personally think they should add a powered by so it's easy to find. I would happily pay a few dollars a month to remove it! I'm still shocked its free Great job

    • Essential Relaxations

      I absolutely love using Happy Customers to track how many sales I have made in my shop! I have even had customers message me to congratulate me on benchmark (100th, 200th, etc.) sales! I highly recommend using this app, and it's free so really.... what have you got to lose?!