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  • Gorgias - customer service helpdesk favorite

    A single app for all your customer support: chat, email, social media. Edit orders, issue refunds directly from support conversations.
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  • About Gorgias - customer service helpdesk

    Gorgias helps you to manage all your customer support on one app. You don't need to switch between emails inbox, shopify backoffice and Stripe anymore. For the first time, your helpdesk is fully integrated in an unique Shopify app : you can cancel an order, refund your customer and answer to his email directly from the app interface.

  • Tips

    - You can set up an automatic responder to common requests, and reduce your ticket volume by 25%.
    - You can edit the customer's order in one click

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    • Modern Mini

      I cannot go on about how much I love Gorgias. I was finding messages from customers across multiple social media platforms and my employees and I were constantly hunting where to answer people and so forth. THIS HAS BEEN A GOD SEND. Not only is their CEO unbelievable, he LISTENS and wants to make it user friendly. He's met with me over google chat to get me set up on multiple different integrations and looks into things i need personally. You just don't get that with many apps. I'm 100% sold and a customer for life. They are extremely quick to reach and overall a wonderful, up-to-date company that listens. You will NOT be disappointed in this app. They deserve more than 5 stars. It's the BEST app and customer service I have EVER used on shopify. KUDOS Gorgias! Romain, you're doing awesome things. Thank you a million times over for making something SO NEEDED and I am so grateful for your help and one-on-one time you've spent ensuring that things work well for me. You're 1 in a million!

    • Twistratemarketplace Com

      We made the switch to Gorgias from LiveAgent a few months ago and it has been absolutely amazing! My reps no longer need to switch from system to system, taking away valuable time from responding to customers. Having customer information readily available on the sidebar in each ticket is insanely helpful and provides for extremely quick responses to our customers! We've expanding quite significantly from roughly 80 emails per day to about 800 per day quite literally overnight and Gorgias has been beyond helpful every step of the way!

    • La Leaf

      I absolutely LOVE Gorgias. We used Zendesk for the first two years of our company and just felt like it was too clunky and not intuitive enough. After finding Gorgias, we've had smooth sailing and really couldn't ask for a better product. The best part? They're so responsive to feedback! If you want a feature added, simply let them know and it'll be added in no time (I've literally seen them add a feature within a day). They're great and I would very much recommend them.

    • Keto Mojo

      Very happy with this app and the support from the Gorgia team. Super tight integration with Shopify. It has enabled us to significantly reduce down the time we have been dealing with customer service and deliver better, more accurate and timely information to our customers. Its a win both sides. It a proven to be an effective tool in our shopify stable of core apps. The macros are great at speeding up tasks that could have taken 12 clicks to just two! Game changer.

    • Freedomravewear

      We have had a great experience using Gorgias. We switched over from and have not been disappointed at all. We pay 1/5 the price and get more for it. Way more. Great product, great customer service. There are strong automation capabilities and all the features you would want to have your service desk equipped with. Highly recommend for anyone that has been tossing and turning over whether to choose or Be smart...choose Gorgias.