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  • Recart - Messenger Marketing & Abandoned Cart Toolbox

    Recart makes more sales for your store with Messenger, Email and Push marketing messages. It already made $45,000,000 for Shopify merchants.
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    • Aquadesign

      Pro: The auto popup as response to Add to Cart is a brilliant idea. During our trial period, we captured 26 emails that we may not have otherwise collected. From the 26 emails, we had 2 recovered carts which is an 8% conversion rate. Our 68% abandonment rate resulted in a 46% capture rate (email capture that is) which resulted in the 2 orders. Con: The very popup that is brilliant doesn't work all the time. A visitor to our site complained that it was only on the second add to cart attempt that he could see the popup. When I tested, I could not replicate the issue in any browser. However, on my iPhone 7, major problems. Clicking an add to cart button had no response. Even after five or six tries. :( Then the popup froze on the Chrome screen and my only solution was to hit the browsers back button. If they can can fix this slow or non-functioning popup, this will be a five star app.

    • Yourgreatfinds

      This was a pretty good app during the trial. I really liked it. The data by the way is incomplete and there are many errors. While my trial was live this company apparently changed hands and the price more than doubled. After much thought I decided to give it a try and pay for the app. I signed up. Nothing has happened. The app is not working. I'm paying but nothing. I see a few collected emails here and there, but nothing like before. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and nothing. Slow response by support to my inquiries. I'm going to have to cancel the service and request a refund or contact my credit card company for non-delivery. I am so disappointed. I was hoping that this would be a good thing.

    • Beardolife

      These guys are the best! Use this app as your #1 cart recovery go-to. I'll never use anything else for cart recovery. Smooth design, easy to use and find. Nothing is cluttered and the team is top notch... I'd leave 40 reviews for them if I could. They remember you even with totally unrelated stores when you just say your name. Can't say enough about this group of developers and this amazing app. I haven't even opened my store yet, but have invited about 15 people to browse and 'test' the site. Yep... Recart made me an additional $47. Not from friends, from random people I've never personally met before, just from some groups I am in. Thanks again recart, I can't wait till the masses start rolling in!!!

    • Just For Cat Lovers

      I have 4 more trial days left and out of those free days, I've had 46 abandoned carts, 37 captured carts & 3 recovered carts. Because of Recart's recovery email campaign (asking customers if something was wrong), a customer responded the reason why she didn't finish placing her order -- I actually forgot to include several of my new products their shipping rules. So every time she goes in to select a shipping method it would disappear and she was taken to the same page over and over and over making her impossible to finish purchasing the item. I've fixed that immediately & she instantly went & placed two orders instead of one. Without Recart, I would've lost all those sales without knowing why.

    • Modernlifeshop

      Had to come back and change my review to 1 star. they offer an extended 21 days on your trial if you leave a good review, but when i messaged them to claim that extra 21 days, I was told all they could do was give me a "thank you" Not to mention that I contacted them 10 different times in the span of a week, and only got 1 response, which was to tell me they couldn't do the extension on the trial. This app does exactly what 10 other apps just like it do, the difference, their customer service isnt terrible, unlike Recart. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!