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  • Fomo - Social Proof Marketing favorite

    Boost Sales and Increase Conversions with Social Proof. Fomo is the most popular recent sales app, used by 7,300+ stores.
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  • About Fomo - Social Proof Marketing

    Fomo is based on the same idea that if you see a packed restaurant or a queue to enter a shop, you will want to be part of it. Fomo reveals the previous sales that were done on your website to the customers that are using it now. It acts as a trust certificate for your customers and make them want to be part of it too. Fomo definitely has a positiv impact on the first time customers decision's to buy an item on your website.

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    • Ironman Computers

      I have used Notify for a while now and I was very impressed with them. Then last two days came to my attention there are other apps out there offer similar functions with lower monthly payment. I tried them out and wasn't impressed with them. They were not user-friendly at all. Then I got a message from Ryan at Notify and he asked me for feedback. I expressed what I had seen from other apps and what I like to see on Notify for app development and improvement. Notify is actually working on these idea I bought up to Ryan. Right on! It means they listen to the needs and take actions upon for clients. I was very impressed. And I also asked him for help to make some adjustment on the notify apps at my shopify store. OMG, Ryan went extra mile and helped us all the way to make adjustment. This is a top-notch customer service right there!! I value custom service than just the money. And Notify has it! I highly recommend them to other store owners.

    • Really Good Pets Shop

      I have had notify installed for 2 weeks now and so far it has raised my conversion rate by .27%. I was hoping for more, but even that amount I am still happy with it! It has been worth it! I have installed other apps that people click on to help with conversion, but so far this is the only one that people have been interacting with. My only suggestions is that they include on the LIVE screen where you can see how many have clicked on them, if they could also tell me the conversion rate from one of those clicks. As far as I know, you can see it in Google analytics, however I haven't seen one come through. But there is no telling the benefit of conversion helping that isnt measured. People see that other people are buying...but may not click on it...but it still may encourage them to complete the sale. So, I looked at my overall conversion rate and it has gone up. Which always makes me happy when my conversion rate goes up!

    • Keyway Designs

      We installed this app on a whim after seeing it on another store and figured it was worth a try. WOW, were we ever surprised. By utilizing another piece of click/tap tracking software, we are able to see exactly where people click and scroll to on our website and tons of people click this Notify pop-up. We actually see mini trends forming daily on our website due to this app. It provides social proof for a certain product after someone buys it and triggers another sale which provides even more proof and so on and so on. We now see certain products selling repeatedly in streams that we never saw before. Love it. Good job!

    • Lovesac

      We wanted a notification app quickly. Notify worked as the perfect solution to our needs. Fast integration to allow for easy implementation and it worked immediately. I'm sure there are programmers out there with various requests that this app doesn't service. BUT for the average online store owner, this is a great way to let people know that your store is active. *Please note* that the developers are currently working on expanding the app with more options. So win - win.

    • Madel Designs

      I love this app! By showing purchase activity plus the location of buyers, my store is humanised, building valuable trust and giving the impression of very popular products - regardless if a purchase was made 10seconds ago, or 10 hours ago..... This combined with a good review system is a must for building site trust. It would be great actually if it could pull star ratings from reviews and display them in the notifications. In any case, LOVE!!