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  • Web Browser Push Notifications by FirePush

    A simple to use browser push notification solution for e-commerce. Re-engage your customers, even after they’ve left your store.
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    • Vapel1fe

      Final Update: Wow. Just wow. It doesnt seem like this company has ANY professionalism as well. I dont know if some companies just have more respect than others, but my experience with people like Shopry (does the product review add ons) is amazing. A lot of different companies are good here. Then you have this guy Tom. Who is trying to threaten me to leave negative reviews for my store if I update my review with them. Really? Sounds like some people dont know how to act, here is there response when I told them I was coming back to them. WOW, all the lies? I have never edited this review, scroll down and everything is either opinion or promised and never received. Again I SPOKE TO THIS person on google hangouts when he first started. Calling a lead/customer a liar is CROSSING over the boundaries. Check out this additional threatening comment and this shows you the style and grace of this company. I will be reporting this company to shopify and I PRAY that they block them. Leave negative reviews for my site? You do realize that if I can SHOW google youre not a customer and your just an irrate person that DOESNT get along with an employee over an online dispute is against there tos. Again, to all people thinking about using them, go somewhere else. Aimtell is the better option (not as user friendly), but WAY more professionalism than this company. Also I will tell you that even by that screenshot they want you to go their competitors.

    • Klepto Store

      Omg, I started seeing more major digital marketing sites using Push Crew and other push notification softwares. At first, I was like this is spammy and no one would ever use. But once you subscribe, install on your own store and see the true potential, your mind will probably almost explode like mine did. I can't wait to use this more in my store. Email may be dying, but this app is about to make a dent in the notification space, especially as it grows in 2017. Install on your Shopify store now before your competition like I did:

    • T A Y Online Store

      The free plan includes 1000 pushes for free, however when you use the app and try using free pushes it will be asking you to upgrade to starter plan, so I thought I'm doing something wrong here, emailed the developer asking why I can't use any of 1000 free pushes, he replied back to me to leave a review ( like you can't use it if you didn't leave us a review ) so I'm giving him 1 star because of misleading information, he was able to answer my question but he didn't instead he asked me to leave a review, so you got it.

    • Neptune Wild

      Found a bug. It sent me a push notification for DELIVERY UPDATES. Umm...I didn't purchase anything. I emailed support in November and was told they will look into it. I had to uninstall the app because it's giving false information to Customers of Delivery when they didn't buy anything. To this day, I haven't heard back from the Support team and I have no idea if this app is working properly and the bug fixed.

    • Mischiefandco

      Top class support! We reported an issue that was impacting the look of our website and it was fixed within minutes, you would say, well, that's normal...but on a Sunday? That is the class of service you would get from a team that is serious about their product and this team really got your back! Oh I won't forget to mention that the app is awesome, works to perfection, a must-have for your store.