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    With Facebook Shop, you can easily sell your products directly on your Facebook page. Reach more customers and drive more traffic to your store.
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    • Rogue Flash

      The integrated Shopify Facebook store replaces this app, and it's a terrible downgrade in customer functionality, aesthetics and control. Unfortunately, once you 'upgrade' the app to the integrated store, you can no longer return to the previous app-version of the Facebook store. The Store in the integrated Facebook page only shows one scrollable line for a Facebook-visible collection followed by an All Products section which, remarkably, ignores all Facebook visibility tags and shows every product in your store. There's also no way no manually order your products in your collections because Facebook selects the order using an algorithm which, judging from our store, doesn't rank the products in any rational way. We've disabled the integrated Facebook store completely until it's improved. Yikes.

    • Everything-A2Z

      So far it's a very useful app at targeting consumers for my products. I seen a post earlier saying you can't post to your business, only your timeline and well, I can post all day long to my business! From what I have been reading, you only need like 2 or 3 post each day to make it work. Some days I do 7, some I'll do 3. The reason I gave 4 instead of 5 is all based on the ridiculously HIGH cost of advertising on Facebook! I have faith in what I am doing and I am Determined to make this website get found by the consumer eye and known for giving back to the consumer where others have robbed them. May the Facebook Gods shine their ever loving light on me!! ;)

    • Hollow Leg Store

      This app is most definitely worth your time if you are looking for a quick and easy solution to getting your products out there on the facebook platform. With all of the apps out there, being free is a big plus of course. This one takes all the work out of making it yourself through 'facebook developers'. The only drawbacks for us were the basic customizations and the 'creat your own facebook store' link the app developers put on your facebook store page. This was completely ok with us given the fact that the app is free, the link is inconspicuous, and it is another way to reach people we wouldn't have in the first place. Best of luck!

    • Tempest Operations

      In order to fix the "Sorry, this content isn't available right now The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in." go to your Facebook page > select edit page > change your template to "Shopping". This will add a "Shop" tab to your page. You can also do this manually by clicking Settings at the top-right corner of your Page, then click Edit Page from the menu on the left. Next, click the Add a Tab button and click Add Tab next to the Shop option. You should see the Shop tab on your Page now. That fixed my problem. Good luck.

    • Asylumzone

      Don't waste your time. Our shop synchronized beautifully with our Facebook shop. We have over 18,000 products. Everything was working great! Then one day it just stopped working. Only 100 products displaying and most categories just disappeared. I tried relaunching, I tried republishing, I tried resynching and nothing. I contacted shopify support who claims they will "escalate" this but now I am looking online and found this has happened to hundreds of shopify shop owners. My once beautiful shop is just a shell now. I can't believe Shopify is just sitting by letting this happen.