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  • Facebook Product Feed (by Flexify) favorite

    Boost your sales with Facebook Product Ads. Automatically sync your Shopify store with your Facebook Product Catalog.
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    Facebook Product Feed enables you to forecast the right item to your audience when doing advertising on Facebook. If a visitor comes to your website and look at a precise item, you can use this app when doing a retargeting campaign to forecast them this very item in their Facebook feed. This app is a great way to increase the efficiency of your Facebook campaigns.

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    • California Republic Clothes

      Paid premium for this app and had a very similar experience to Mullica Beach (see below review). We have a very large inventory and unfortunately the sync is very buggy, our "match rate" on Facebook fluctuated tremendously and often fell off a cliff, costing us time and money. When the sync works, the ads are very cost effective. Unfortunately, email back and forth with the developer yielded very little - terrible support - and we were referred to Funnelboom, who almost immediately stopped answering emails. Incredibly unprofessional and incredibly frustrating.

    • Twenty3

      Editing my review cos I found a workaround. Using the app-generated RSS, I imported it into an XML on Excel, where I could manually upload my perfectly cropped pics. Best thing about this app is that it outputs a product ID that is perfectly recognizable by Shopify's FB pixel integration. So ignore Shopify when they tell you their pixel integration doesn't work with DPA, this app fixes it

    • Mullica Beach

      My experience with Facebook Product Feed has been great, but it has not been the stand out app we were expecting it to be. We have tried a handful of FB Product Feed apps (Pixel Perfect for example) and have not had a fix for the misfiring of DPA events that we were experiencing. Every single app promised a fix, none could deliver.

    • Sebodesigns

      I have used this app both for my own site and a number of my clients. It's made integrating a Facebook product feed fast, easy, and flexible. Setting it up is a matter of installing the app and choosing your collection. Changing your feed's collection is just a matter of 2 clicks.

    • Outdoorrockingchairs

      This app is fantastic. The last time I connected a shopify website to facebook I had to pay an expensive developer to do it for me. This was so easy to install I cant believe it. If you own an eccommerce website you need to install this app and run ads on Facebook