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  • Countdown Timer Bar by Hextom

    Create urgency to your promotions with a countdown timer displayed in a banner; Boost sales by encouraging website visitors to BUY NOW
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    • Gearfashion

      This crap aint working at all what so ever.It never has and it never will. Hexton never ever responds to messages,reviews and complants. I will now also compline to shopify.Now we will delete this crap. In my time of 60 yers I have millions of times seen this cind of customer service as well as respect from shopify it self and their app devellupers as well as from millions of other so called companys. Its all Donald Duck Thrumph mentalety. Now its more enough.Soon we are moving the entire webshop from this crap and over to some company that knows and understand what they are actually doing.

    • Beautiful You Hair Extensions

      I have been using your free shipping bar and love it now I am trying your timer for black friday. It was easy to install. Thanks for all your tools. So now my timer needed some adjustments and it's thanksgiving trying to last minute get ready for big sale weekend and need help. Thought I at least send a message in maybe in the AM i will have a reply. Well to my surprise I got an answer wait not just an answer but help get the bar configed around my menu and name so all would be visible. Did you hear me thanksgiving day. What a wonderful app and support team.

    • Instant Print

      Just have to say that this app is FANTASTIC! We wanted a countdown timer that auto-restarts every day to give people and option for faster shipping if ordered before 12 oclock. This app didnt currently do that and this had to be manually done. So I contacted customer service who got back to me straight away and went out and coded the auto-select function for me, now it couldnt work any better. 5 stars customer service and a five star app. Fully recommend to all shops!!

    • Brands4all

      What we value a lot more than an app's function is good support. As an app, CTB does what it says. Period. Although we do not use it as often on our shop, when we do it always works as intended. What we really appreciate though, is the developers' being there when we need them, willing to address any issues we ask them to, or advise us accordingly with reasons why what we need can not be done.

    • Motherloderoofracks

      This app works great for being free. Although I have a custom theme and I have to choose and option that leaves a gap between the top of my page and the countdown bar and follows my customers down the page. I would prefer to pin this to the top of my page but the bar gets eaten up by my navigation bar on mobile so my visitors cannot see it. Other than this it looks and works great.