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  • E-Commerce Affiliate Network

    Connect with affiliates to promote your store and product(s). They sell for you on a commission-only basis.
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    • Jacobchavez

      Even after un-installation, this glorified traffic exchange refused to die. When I discovered what this piece of software really does, I promptly uninstalled. Little did I know, this app did not completely uninstall. Despite scouring the 404 liquid and countless other theme related files, this software continues its existence, like a cockroach. Cliche as it may be, if I could leave 0 stars I would.

    • Makers Exchange

      What is not to love about E-commerce Affiliate Network? Honestly.... Its free, the network is massive, the customer service is spot-on, it was incredibly easy to setup and run, you can couple this with any affiliate tracker you would like, but go with LeadDyno (tracker) as it sync's very well with this app.

    • Thatprotein

      E-Commerce Affiliates and Leaddyno have really helped us to hit the ground running with our affiliate programme. Our top affiliates are really driving conversions and they are an extremely effective marketing strategy.

    • Weightlossdevelopment

      So far so good. I must say that the customer service is outstanding. Despite all our newbie questions we got world class help from their support agent Jennifer Goodman. She was amazing!

    • Goldmarketmovement

      Great application! It takes a bit of time to get used to, but all-in-all this is a great service that I recommend to EVERYONE! Check it out in action at !