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    The only Free currency converter with customer support. Make shopping easy for your customers by showing the prices in their local currency.
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    • Whynotgifts

      If I could give 6 stars, I most definitely would! I sent in a request to get my icon moved around because I am the Venture theme and the currency switching icon did not align correctly on the mobile version of the theme. I asked them if they could either remove the entire thing completely and let it still auto switch, or if they could just move the icon down into the footer so the customer could still find it - instead they put their own twist on it and it is better than either one of the ideas I had thought of previously! It took them less than 24 hours to get the request done and that is pretty awesome since it is so close to Christmas. I did not expect anyone to really be working right now, but I figured if the company was serious that someone would be working.

    • Marketersupply

      Amazing app it does what its supposed to do at first i wanted to test it out and it worked how it supposed to work, now on my web page i installed another app which was having little conflict with my app i staid till late at night trying to figure out the problem but culdent resolve it my self so i sent them a mesegge i gave them acces to my site went to sleep next day wala they fixed my problem thank you not only its a great app they haven an impressive customer support i realy apreciate it thank you again!!!! great work wish you the best heres my site

    • Fashion 4 Fashionist

      I sent several message the currency converter is not working properly if I browse from page to a page and the currency is AED or QR it goes back to USD To set back to AED or QR i have to set back first to USD , then set it back to AED or QR however if you browse any other link it shall go back to USD I choosed automatically to set the currency based on the country option but it is not workking I am in Dubai and if I open the site the currency shown is USD not AED !!! can someone reply please this is my third message

    • Bergo

      In preparing to launch our online store, we want to make ordering easy for the many international customers who visit (and love) our bricks and mortar location. While I can't review yet how it works for a real order, I love the features of this app. Michael did the install for me quick and easy and tailored it to our theme. It was no problem for me to make a few adjustments after the install. Thanks Michael for your quick responses and all of the help. Can't wait to make our first currency converted sale!

    • Coremelt

      This is a great currency converter except that it's getting mid market rates from This is a problem since the actual rate the customer pays is ALWAYS much worse than this, it should be using buy rates for US dollars from each currency, not a mid market rate. On a $200 purchase it can be off as much as $8 which has lead to customer complaints. If they fix this and allow a margin entered by the store or use realistic rates I'd give it five stars. As it is we have to find another solution.