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  • Customer Tagger favorite

    Tag customers to segment them for marketing, controlling membership access and much more!
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  • About Customer Tagger

    This app allows you to segment and group customers based on the spending habits. You can setup tagging rules based on a variety of actions (products bought, amount spend, number of times they order etc).

  • Tips

    - By grouping customers it allows you to create personas and send targeted emails to those lists.
    - For example merchants use this app to automatically tag customers who spend a lot of money.
    - These are loyal customers and are more likely to react well to new products and promotions.

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    First month is free if you contact the app maker Sam at sam[@] and let him know that you come from Shop'fy Stash :)

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    • Revolutionfoods

      We send out a free gift when a customer has spent a certain amount with us... this app has made our lives much easier. We tag the customer once they spend a certain amount and the staff include the gift with the order and remove the tag.

    • My Food Lifestyle

      Really impressed with the simplicity of this app, but also in how useful it is for segmenting our marketing efforts. Specific marketing drives more sales for us, so being able to tag customers preferences is key.

    • Vapel1fe

      Not a bad app to apply a bunch of tags based off of rules. But its not automatic and there is no way to see the history of what it has done.

    • Plant Pure Nation

      So far so good! Easy to install and is the only app that we can find that offers tagging customers based on what product(s) they purchased.

    • L Company

      Great app! It let you add different tags so you can track different things and get more accurate reports in order to analyze data.