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  • Customer Pricing (Wholesale & VIP Pricing)

    Offer & Show different prices to different customers. Use Custom Pricing for wholesale and dealer pricing for your online store.
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    • Heartratemonitorsusa

      I think this app had great potential, and I would love to revise my review if I could get some straight answers from support, but support is lacking. 1st, we could not get the app to display proper pricing right from the start, VIP was charging members 10% more in addtion VIP lower pricing was being displayed in section page results for non VIP members. After paying Bold $150 to assist with the install, the same issues were still happening less the 10% more factor. Could not get an answer from support for almost a week. Finally got this resolved when I cancelled another Bold app that was not working in conjuction with this app, and Bold email asking why we left? Bold finally responded after my email frustrations with their support and challenges we faced. Within a day, the issue was resolved. So the new issues are that in order to change a price, add an item or change a variant, you need to disable the program which takes about 1 hr per 1000 variants (which means your VIP is down during that time) and then same amount of time to turn back on. If you have 6K variants, that's 12 hours of downtime. I think this app is made for companies with a few variants, but for a larger company there has to be a better way. I also do not trust the App for properly tagging customers VIP after purchase, Bold said it takes about 15 minutes to tag after VIP membership was purchased, but we are seeing alot more time and have to manually tag customers ourselves. For now, we have too many that signed up right away and have to keep this for a little longer until we test another app that will work for us.

    • Woody Walters Digital Photo Candy

      This is going to be one of the best changes we have ever made to our website. We opted to pay the $40 for install. It was done 2 days earlier than we were promised. On black Friday it went live, but we soon found out there was a problem with the theme we use, not showing the discounted price in the cart at checkout. During my initial purchase of the app, I had requested a quote for an additional modification and was contacted by Michael. When I noticed that the cart wasn't reflecting the right price I asked him about it. Within MINUTES he was working on it and within 3 hours the necessary tweaks were made. All while BOLD apps was busy facing it's own challenges on a BUSY black Friday. I wish I had tested my theme more to make sure things were working right before launch and before Black Friday, but the speedy resolution made my day. I was worried I would have to wait until the next week. Can't wait to see how this changes our business and increases customer retention and happiness. My only suggestion and why I am talking with Michael currently, is that it would be great if the regular price would appear next to the special price with a line through it. That way the customer can see how much they are saving. As it is now, only the special price shows. I have no doubt they will be able to do this for me and at a reasonable price. Everyone loves to save money, and it's way more effective if they can see exactly how much.

    • Dbenoit

      I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH THIS APP AND ITS TECHNICAL SUPPORT. I paid $40 for the app to be installed. It was not working properly so they had to go in to make changes (FYI it does not work with swatches so if you use swatches they want you to pay $150 for them to make it work. Also does not work with product preview pop up pages) totally bogus. In there attempts to fix a liquid error caused by the app they managed to screw up several things on my template on two different occasions. They then stopped responding to emails after slaughtering my website. Shopify was able to fix one of the problems but because it is not a Shopify bought template they could not fix all of the problems. They were able to pin point why and how the problem happened but said either bold or my template designer would have to fix the rest of the problems. My template designer wants $200 to fix it and I am afraid to let Bold (the makers of this app) anywhere near my html code again. If you cannot install the app yourself and your template was not bought on Shopify I would advise against hiring Bold to install it. Oh yea, Shopify said my template is very intricate so they felt the tech support at bold was just not "tech savvy" enough to know how to navigate it without causing issues. Lucky me! If anyone wants to read the emails between me and this company feel free to reach out to me.

    • Valuepaperonline

      I gave 2 stars because I had to select something for this review. We licensed CP and QB a week or so agao and and because they don't work together we have to pay $700 for you to cut and paste code from previous projects from the multitude of other businesses that purchased both apps so they do. The expert team is professional and friendly and I am sure they are great at what they do. But this expensive up-sell is not a good way to start a long term business relationship with companies that have online stores. You got $700 from us upfront but in the long term, we most likely will look at other apps first for other functionality. Lastly, the purchase of these apps together happens so frequently that you have created a link that talks about the lack of compatibility that experts team sends out. Since you are aware of the problem and they are both your apps why in the world why wouldn't you just offer a third app with that combines them already except for your desire for a $700 upsell! BTW, the link you sent says its $500 not $700 so there is that as well. Not a great way to build customer loyalty with wholesale businesses that are repeat customers.

    • Ibisci

      Working with Bold was an absolutely nightmare. This app is not meant for real businesses. We are a manufacturer of science equipment with over 1,200 SKU's and this app actually lost us money. From double discounting tiered wholesale customers and double dipping monthly promos, discount codes... The app creates duplicate variants in order to track discounts (herein lies it's main issues of compatibility). We had probably 10 cases with Bold and the first rep we worked with was very helpful but the main issue isn't the customer service (although after our first point of contact they failed to really answer and help in the depth we needed after things were messed up) the main issue is the app itself. If you are a small start up or store then this app maybe useful. It has so many issues even things like not having the ability to select a collection to mass discount because we had 'too many' collections. If Bold was honest about saying the needs we had or the size of our store was too big then it could have avoided 90 days of disaster and this poor review.