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  • Infinite Options by ShopPad

    Allow customers to personalize and customize your products! Dropdown menus, text and number inputs, checkboxes, radios and more - 100% FREE
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    • Ce Institute

      HOLY CRAP - AWESOME!!! We have an ENORMOUS list of classes to bundle and sell at discounts but this guy just spent an hour on the phone with us and is making sure we are setup right and with everything we need!!! I paid the $20 white glove service and it was provided instantly - they also have training videos online which is extremely important. We were looking at another product which is hundreds of dollars per year between their $99.99 initial purchases, plus $20/month, plus coding/customization fees - and you can't even call them. You have to schedule a call with them and sometimes you have to talk over a "bridge" just to speak with this other app (yes - I know - ridiculous - how did they ever get customers?). I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Infinite Options app over other apps any day of the week. This app is FREE, has incredible service and well worth it because again, it's free. I even tried to offer them $$$ because they've obviously earned it but they refused. Amazing Amazing App & Peeps!!! And for the most important record of all, I don't WHY know Shopify doesn't recommend this app 1st (above the more expensive lesser service option they seem to push). Infinite Options is definitely THE BEST CHOICE for bundling, checklists, product offerings, etc. (and I think they just added class dates for me too wooohoooooo)!!!!!

    • Arrangements With Marzeyeh

      When I started building my website and thinking of the options that I needed Shopify was very helpful and offering this infinite options app. I reached out to infinite options and Nicole help install and setup the checkout options that I needed she went above and beyond what I had even asked for and was very helpful for me. Not being tech savvy or have ever even created a website I really needed something simple and easy and people that understood. So far I feel like everyone that I've come encounter with with this app has been very responsive very detailed and very willing to help. The only kind I would say that may need Improvement is I've worked with three or four different people to set up when I needed and maybe could be something to look into that you only work with one person so you're not having to bounce around people but maybe that's how they handle requests they're in different departments I'm not sure. But overall I think everyone who has a website and needs options for their products for check out this is the app to get. Worth every dollar

    • The Sassy Gator

      I just started Shopify and was impressed with what I read about this app. I am not comfortable with html/coding at all, so when the instructions (which were very easy to understand) gave the option to have Shoppad do the install--I was happy to send them an email. Within hours Robert had contacted me and the job was done. Very friendly, professional and helpful. Once I got into applying the app (which was also very easy to do) I found that it did not offer a specific feature our shop requires. I contacted Robert again to doiuble-check, in case I had over looked. He was again, friendly, honest and happily uninstalled the app for me. He is forwarding our interest of being able to save customization sets to apply to specific groups of products on to the developers, and will let me know if/when that feature becomes available. I was very impressed with the helpful level of customer service provided by Robert at ShopPad, and had we not needed a specific option for our shop, would have enjoyed using this app.

    • Eclairlips

      This is an amazing app! I had been searching all over to try and find a solution that would allow my customers too choose options for a custom gift set and was amazed to discover that this app did everything I needed and more, and that it was FREE! When I first installed it, I was on a standard Shopify theme, and there was no code to mess around with because it integrated perfectly. However, I changed to a new theme from a third party developer with code that seems to be a bit different than most Shopify themes, and when I couldn't quite get everything working right so that the options would show up on the cart page, I signed up for the White Glove Service to have it all installed by the Infinite Options team. By the end of that same day, it was all done perfectly - well worth the $20 to have this app properly installed, especially since there are no monthly fees to use it.

    • Pinkskips

      I had literally wasted hours trying to get a datepicker on my store via Shopifys tutorials, It didn't work as I needed it to do, Shopify Gurus were not able to customise it either and it was suggested I look at this APP. My God it is amazing. It allows you more than 100 variants which I needed, sounds a lot but it was three drop down menues with postcodes, Am/Pm option and On Road Off Road Option. It just would not work so installing this app solved two of my problems at once. A great app with superb customer service and after a bit of faffing it becomes quite intuitive. Thank you Alan at Infinite Options for your online support you were awesome. I can not rate this under rated app enough. Saved me hours of pain in coding! Thank you XXX