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  • Currency Converter Plus

    The only professional currency converter for Shopify: 1-click install, rates update every minute, 216 currencies. Includes a free SEO report
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    • Nelody9pence

      Okay, you have to pay for it, but look at what you get! Highly accurate currency conversions, a shopping cart note, to show customers they'll be checking out in the stores currency, and it's as unobtrusive as you like, or not, whichever setting you prefer. It's ultra reliable too. Support is amazing, and quick, but you won't need it, unless your as dumb as me. They even emailed me a screenshot of the shopping cart note as it appears on the page (I didn't realize I needed to put an item in the cart for it to show, as I said, I'm dumb). No coding needed to install, it just works with one click. (great for me). And an SEO report! This is so helpful. I was able to see what needs improving, and was able to do some of it. I wouldn't have had a clue about what needs doing, never mind being able to do it before. And because the SEO report is a PDF, I can send it to someone who knows how to do SEO as well. Brilliant! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    • Extremelymuslim

      We absolutely love this app! Currency conversion is a pretty complex thing, and it's very important in e-commerce to make the user's experience as easy as possible. We've tried some other apps before, but found that they added unnecessary menus (which made the site not look good), and the user has to sit there browsing through countries to find their country. Plus in some of the other apps, not all the countries were there. But this app (Currency Converter Plus) is amazing since it is very intuitive! All the countries came in automatically, and the individual prices can be clicked on to select another country - thereby changing for all. It is very straight forward, and setting it up was a breeze too. Highly recommend it. Check out how convenient it is at: https://IslamTaught.Me

    • Whateverbuys

      I've tried probably most if not all the currency converter apps here and I can tell you based on my experience, none of them come close to Currency Converter Plus. It is a godsend. As a store who rely on international orders 90% of the time, this app is invaluable to me. Answering customer queries about price conversions in their home currency delays the purchasing cycle and sometimes even frustrates them. The customer service is just as good if not even better than the app itself. I'm only in my trial period but I get lightning fast email response when I have questions. They also proactively tweak things a bit so the app matches with your stores theme. I've found my permanent currency converter app. Five stars all the way!

    • Dhaporshankh

      This app is GREAT, does exactly what I want, and does it in a very professional, very visually pleasing way. More than this, the guys behind this app, Frank and Mike, may just be the fastest to respond to any query / request. They sorted out some queries I had in less than 4 hours and I have to say, they went above and beyond what anybody can expect, they are very helpful. Very cool app and very very cool team behind the app. I will absolutely use it again and recommend it to anybody who asks, if you want to sell internationally, use it, it will save you a lot of time and give a professional look to your e-store. Very impressive guys, keep up the amazing work.

    • Shop A La Playa

      So far, so good. One minor issue when refreshing the product page. After choosing a different product variant the default currency compare price remains and is not removed until the page is refreshed. This leaves three prices side by side instead of replacing the original compare price with a converted one as was my setting. But overall, this is minor and corrected by leaving the default currency and displaying the shopper's currency beside it. Perhaps this is a more consistent reminder that the store's default currency will be the checkout currency.