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  • Crystal

    Crystal is the first virtual advisor for digital marketing.
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  • About Crystal

    You can ask its AI-powered virtual advisor questions about your digital data and get live answers from it, with real-time suggestions on the right steps to take.

    Crystal is also an all-in-one digital marketing tool to achieve greater results and simplify daily tasks for all of your branded and/or personal accounts, featuring:

    • Campaign Management (for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google AdWords)
    • One-step multichannel content Publisher (for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube)
    • Social and Web Analytics (for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Analytics and YouTube)
    • Social Listening
    • Team Sharing
    • Modular Report maker
    • Campaign Automation

  • Tips

    Why is it useful?

    1. it turns your social and web data into real-time feedback and suggestions on your marketing
    2. it simplifies your analytics giving you a clearer overview of what matters
    3. it allows you to publish all your social content in the same place
    4. it makes campaign management a stress-free experience
    5. plenty of other reasons!

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