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  • - Image Compression and Optimization

    Compress images automatically and without quality loss. Improve your site speed, search engine ranking and conversion rate.
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    • How To Shoot 360 Shop

      Thank you so much for this great app! It helped me to get to the green status in Google's Page Speed insights for both Mobile and Desktop. Also the support from Marc was way beyond my expectations, hats off. Initially I thought the app could not compress a tiny part of the images but thanks to a very detailed help from Marc I could find the real source of the problem that was rooted in my theme's settings. Marc even went ahead and guided me how to fix it in my theme. Thank. You. So. Much. Also the app's set-and-forget system that scans all new images automatically makes it incredibly useful without adding extra recurring work. I wish more apps were like this - if you charge a recurring fee you better do a recurring work - which this app does - and does it well. Happy customer.

    • Cats Hats More

      If you have a Ton of images bogging down your site, this is certainly an app you will want to get. With that being said you will want to subscribe to the paid plan, since the free plan simply will not be enough to compress all images. Before using on my site my page load time was horrendous. After utilizing the the 70% compression, which I truely can not notice a difference, I have seen my site page load times increase drastically! My google user experience score is no joke 100/100! Certainly recommend this app to any who have a lot of images. Does exactly what they say it will! For all you cat lovers out there, check out my site and tell me what you think.

    • Melimelo

      Amazing app. I was skeptical to start off with as i am not sure what the quality is like - but the free quotas allow me to see a taster and have to say I am happy with all of the pictures so far and saving me so much time. Also saw a good increase in site speed as well especially on the product pages. The automation function as well as allowing you to see a large before / after picture, and capability to restore is a big plus to this app. I have now rolled this out to all our 3 regional sites and working good so far!

    • Executive Leather 2

      This app is easy to use. But why they are files that have restored to original images but still not compressed? also there have no options for first time visitors where I have no idea how much files/space I need to compress and might just want a one-off trial instead of committing on recurring plans? for some recurring plans may not be required for some users. Overall it is easy to use but I am not sure which plan suits me on the on-going basis or if I need it at all.

    • Sairasboutique

      I love the app and their superb customer service. The idea of choosing images manually for compression is what I really liked compared to the other apps. I would definitely recommend to try the app and see for yourself. I've just started compressing only a few images but will be doing the entire store images soon with Crush. We had a few issues with image optimization and their team was quick to respond and resolve it. Thank you Marc, you're the best!