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  • Cross Sell

    Handpick any combination of products as related products. Curate, don't automate! FREE CUSTOMIZATION service provided to match your theme!
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    • Airy Mary Ltd

      I cannot recommend this App highly enough. I sell swimwear and really needed to show briefs with bikini tops. Shopify's random recommended products were nonsensical on the page - showing more bikini tops next to bikinis. I tried two other Apps but they didn't work with my template and based on my experience, they can't achieve customised product by product cross sells. This App really works and it's easy to change the font sizes and colours. The support was excellent too. I got an answer to a question immediately over the weekend. If you want to see how it looks feel free to check some swimwear on my website Also, if you put something in the cart you'll see the 'Before you checkout have you considered.....?' recommended products which always show up (generic products I'm keen to upsell). Do persevere if you've had trouble with other Apps. This one is worth it.

    • Bebangles Co

      It was 10am in Melbourne Australia, and I had a new product that was having a viral moment. Orders were coming in thick and fast, but I realised that I was missing out on a whole bunch of cross sell opportunities! I installed the app, but couldn't figure out how to get it to show up on the product page. I emailed support in the UK (it was 1am there), and said "URGENT please help! Product going crazy and urgently need an install." I wasn't expecting a response quickly, after all it was 1am in the UK - but within 15 minutes Stuart got back to me, got himself out of bed at 1am and help me install the app AND ensured it was displaying on check out. Never experienced such amazing customer service and support. If you're going to install a cross sell app - use this one! :) It's amazing and customer support is MINT!

    • Sculptique

      The Cross-Sell team was super responsive in getting us promptly set up, including a customization I requested. Because we have almost 800 items, I wanted to continue to show our themes related products (which are the 5 newest items in the collection you're viewing) until we could get to hand pick products for all our items. The Cross-Sell app does give a choice to show one set of default products for items you have customized yet, but I felt we had too many products to show the same set for several hundred items. The Cross-Sell team promptly set this up and we love how it works! On the first day using the app I made customized cross sells of 6-8 items each for almost 80 products in a 4 hr. period by entering keywords into the app's search field to bring up a "click to add" list of products. Simple!

    • Pandoras Oem Appliance

      Just what we were looking for. If you can imagine an app that can breakdown every single sku for you so that you can customize what you want to be shown as the related items then this is it. Every other app works on some type of algorithm that doesn't necessarily relate the correct products. It only matches up collections. The issue with that is that in many cases items that are related may not be in the same collection or have the same tags. With Cross-Sell you get to customize these features. It may take a while if you have a store with thousands of items, but they also have a default area where you can put in top sellers or anything you want to upsell and that's pretty awesome. I'd highly recommend this app over others. The price is right!

    • Huff Puffers

      I needed some custom work done with in order to get the app working like I wanted. Stuart was amazing during the whole process. He was super responsive and even billed me for half the hours he actually put in to making the customization. That's what you call amazing customer service! The app itself is great. Being able to recommend the exact products you want is a powerful tool. The standard recommended products that was built-in to the theme was very limiting and often didn't work correctly. It would recommend the same exact products within the collection across all the products in the same collection. This was problematic for more general categories on the website. Highly recommend this app.