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  • - Lookbook & Instagram Galleries

    Stunning shoppable galleries. Automate or upload photos, tag products and pin posts to top. Customize layout and embed gallery anywhere.
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    • Dollsanddaydreams

      Once again the App developers went above and beyond!! This is the second one of their Apps I've installed - Amazing! Sent a mock up of what I was looking for on my Homepage - but I have super scary Liquid Code and didn't want to touch it - no worries - within 12 hrs I have a classy clean "Shop the Gram' gallery that fits my theme! . Amazing app - does exactly want you want - I'm currently on the free but will be upgrading to paid once I step up my Insta game LOL . Thank you once again for your amazing apps and top notch customer service!

    • Wornstar

      Definitely the best and most affordable option for shop by Instagram galleries that I've found, and I've tried several. The best thing is that it also works with regular image galleries as well without the need for Instagram. Easy to use and customize with a bit of CSS to work for several of my gallery needs at I've even implemented them into my online Look Book to make it shoppable. Dom has been top notch with service and support and open to suggestions to make his product even better. You'd be foolish not to give it a shot.

    • Polishedfashions

      Good app, but one big bug with buy now not showing updated prices. I already brought it up, but I guess it's still not being fixed. Disappointed cause I do like the app and want to use it. Hope it gets fixed soon so i can use again. The direct buy function is the opposite of useful if customers click on direct buy and get wrong prices. Will update review in a couple weeks! Dom reached out fixed the problem quickly. I guess that's why it's a 5 star app. Thanks for the fix and your hard work!

    • Sugar Cosmetics

      We started using even when it was in its beta/trial phase and there were 2 main reasons for that - (1) The product was actually miles ahead of the other solutions in this space - nothing looks as good and performs as good (2) Dom was just so responsive to feedback & ideation that we almost felt like someone was actually listening to us and building out our feature requests. Wholly recommend them - with so much done already, we can't wait to see how this app evolves next!

    • Zavr

      Great app that enables us to easily share our Instagram profile on our website. They also have a multitude of customization options as well. Instagram is the best way to connect with our fans and SpaceSquirrel has built this app (and the other apps they've developed as well) to enable us to be build a genuine relationship with our fans using our photos. Also, they are very easily reachable over the email and will answers any (thanks Dom!)