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  • Countdown Cart by Beeketing favorite

    Countdown timer, social proof and stock countdown - All-in-1 FREE app to increase conversions and enhance customer experience.
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  • About Countdown Cart by Beeketing

    Countdown timer to create urgency for your deals. Drive customers' actions and urge them to buy before time runs out.
    Stock countdown to display the limited availability of your products. Create scarcity, increase the perceived value of your products and make your customers buy faster.
    Social proof to let customers know how many people are viewing your product and how many items were sold, thus strengthen their buying confidence. Build trust and increase sales.

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    • Comfort Expressed

      We do not typically leave bad reviews, but we felt we needed to share this one. Upon installing this app, we quickly discovered that it would not load...We would get a timeout error. After several attempts at trying to open the app and getting the same error, we deleted it from our App section. We then immediately noticed that the widget of the app still shows up on the live product pages! We couldn't even change any of the settings so every product page was showing fake information and a sale message that we never setup! We tried contacting support, which they were unavailable so we received a message to call a number for emergency support. We called that number got another message saying nobody is available and won't be for at least 24 hours! What kind of an emergency response is that?! After struggling to figure out where the app code is (not on the product template), we were finally able to find and delete the code embedded in the theme template. While we were scrambling to locate the code to remove it, our store had to be shut down as we were not going to have fake information shown from an app that we couldn't even edit.

    • Space Alien Mermaid

      This app is AMAZING! Every app I have tried from Beeketing has been!! ^_^ Creating urgency, scarcity and social proof has never been easier and prettier!! Customization helps integrate all features (countdown timer, inventory countdown, and social proof) on product pages seamlessly without bombarding it with "too much" information, hindering your customers browsing experience. I LOVE IT!!! Would definitely recommend, esp to any new and upcoming stores wanting to look more professional and complete as an online retailer!! Thanks a ton Beeketing Team :)

    • Babikicks

      This website is a hidden Gem, my friend told me about babytena, but I was a little skeptical, then I contact costumer service and boom, they gave me all information about an item I was not able to find. Also, they took the time to place my order and find a better price on my baby's outfit. I LOVE BABYTENA! Thanks a Costumer for life!

    • Kincostore

      Easy to instal and configure and works really well. Dispays of countdown timer could be improved. It says that "By default the counter will appear below the 'Add to cart' button" but it appeas beside the add cart button. Overall works really well.

    • Flying Gems Jewelry

      Oh the joy! I offer display mineral specimens. I will never have more than 1 item in inventory. Shopify could not offer a solution, so I waited to open my store until I could find one myself, and was actively searching for an app writer/coder.