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  • Email Marketing Automation by Conversio favorite

    Conversio is an all-in-one email marketing dashboard: send email receipts, email newsletters, follow-up and abandoned cart emails.
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  • About Email Marketing Automation by Conversio

    Conversio is a marketing dashboard for your ecommerce store thats handles your receipts, abandoned carts, follow ups, newsletters and many more. You can start using Conversio's customized receipts for free. Conversio is great if you're looking to improve your customer care and boost your revenue.

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    Use the automated cart abandonment emails to recover a portion of the abandoned carts !

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    • Verena Street Coffee Co

      I just started using the free Receiptful on our new, recently-revamped website that we just launched on Shopify and am thoroughly impressed and am considering the paid version of Receiptful. It is very impressive with a lot of neat functionality and everything is very seamless and integrated with my Shopify store. The creation of discount codes and offers to extend to customers for referrals or to return to your store is all great and I love that it sets up the codes automatically in the back-end without having to import bulk amounts of discount codes. Once I have time to fully dive into all of the features I am sure I will be upgrading to one of the paid plans as it all seems very beneficial and revenue-generating. I was trying to find a way to get feedback from customers and also to ask them to come back and review the products they purchased, and it seems that the paid version of Receiptful would make all of this simple and integrated.

    • Stitch 56

      This is such a great app. I was concerned a little at first, because I didn't want to run an app that would bombard my customers with popups and "BUY BUY BUY" emails every 2 seconds. I was very happily surprised with Receiptful. Its emails are fully customisable by me, and I have full control over the look, feel, tone of the campaigns and customer receipts that are sent. This may be blatantly obvious to most, but embarrassing as it is to say, I missed it at first, so make sure that if you're including a coupon code for first-time shoppers, that you edit it properly on the coupon itself as well as in the accompanying email so that they match, ie. are you giving a 10% discount or a $10 off voucher, for example. The customer service and support provided for this app is fantastic, very responsive, and personal. I recommend it highly.

    • Baltic Essentials

      The Conversio app has been amazing!! I first started using it when it was receiptful and the receipts were so beautiful. They not only send a well designed receipt for each transaction, but there are templates that I can use to add a coupon for the next purchase, social sharing - give your friends 15% and I'll give you $10 when they purchase, and product sharing, quick buy now buttons with photos of my items. BUT the newsletter section is new and I LOVE it. It has quickly become an obsession. I also use another newsletter platform for my bi-weekly newsletter and have no plans to give that up. BUT, I can send out quick deals, specials, coupons on conversio with the same beautiful format as the receipts!! I can't wait to see what they ad next! Love the product and the support has been phenomenal!

    • Fleuriste Craft Supply

      From day one Receiptful has been one of my favorite apps we've tried. It was super easy to install although I had a few questions in the beginning. Adii was kind enough to answer them all VERY quickly and to my satisfaction. We have literally no problems with this app; it works exactly as it should and we're starting to get a lot of traction with customers actually opening receipts and reading all the way through. We even got our first conversion today where an order was generated from clicking a link in the receipt. Can't wait to see what's in store for us with these more powerful, beautiful receipts! I just LOVE that I was able to make my header hot pink ;0).

    • Cooletpascher

      Great app. In first i've tried different apps : one for the receipts, one for the abandoned cart, one for the recommendation product, and so on... 10 $ + 10 $ + 10 $ .... + new setup x number of apps ! I now really enjoy having one app that does all that, and it is so intuitive. Very nice presentation, very easy setting up the templates that are already filled if you wish to benefit from their marketing experience, and if you don't know what to write to your customer, this is enjoyable. Great customer service that always gave answers to my questions in less then 24 hours, even the sunday ;-) So i warmly recommend this app :-) Thanks