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  • Consistent Cart & Activity Monitor

    Syncs carts across customers devices. Activity Monitor, Messenger Marketing, Beautiful Abandon Cart Emails, Push Marketing Campaigns & more!
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    • Polishedfashions

      This is an updated review from a 2 star to 5 star. Had an issue with the app, Dan contacted me and fixed the issue very quickly. Issue had nothing to do with how great this app looks so far. I wished I could've left a review later on once I got a chance to use the app more. Anyways, so far it looks wonderful. You sure get a lot for 5 bucks! I switched to this app from one of their competitor's. This is way better. Try it out, you get a lot of value wit this app. Got a chance to use it a little, everything still looks good. I do have a feature request for the developers. Can you update app with option to send abandoned cart email a second time if customer did not open the email the first time. I think that feature would bring a lot of value. Thanks 2nd update, great app. One of my most used and favorite apps. At 5 bucks, it's a steal! Hope I get grandfathered in at this price forever.

    • Isellgifts Com

      I had really high expectations with this app after seeing all of the 5-star reviews; however, my experience so far has been disappointing. The admin side of the app is designed well and is intuitive, but...and it's a huge BUT...I cannot get the automated cart abandonment email series to work properly AND I do not receive any replies back from support!!! I tested my cart abandonment series using my personal email address. The result of the test was I received two cart abandonment emails at the same time, the third email was never sent at all! If an app doesn't work as promised and I don't get any help from support then what's left? So I am now left with an ineffective app, likely some left-over code when I uninstall, and the task of having to find an alternative solution. Not cool!

    • Little Shop Of Gore

      We've been using this for free for a few months and just recently upgraded to the paid version. At this point I would say its totally worth it. I can definitely see how consistent cart helps boost sales from people coming back to our site and still having their cart there reminds them to buy things. Also the abandoned cart emails are great since you can set up to 4 reminder emails to be sent. We've seen a boost from around 5-6% recovery of abandoned carts now to around 15%, that alone is huge. My only complaints are that it could definitely be more user friendly with the set up of the app, and I wish it was a little more intuitive with the options on there for the function you're trying to set up.

    • Zengloballifestyle

      This app might just be the greatest thing since Terminator shooting the T-1000 in the face with a shotgun through an elevator door. Great success. I decided that the constant reminder to review this app every time I use it....well I thought after clicking later 400 times it was finally worth leaving a review. After careful consideration between me and no one else. We've decided it's a legit app and you should definitely just download it cause it's free to try it. Listen, there's a cold beer lao in the fridge and I intend to drink it. Thanks for the reminders, hope this review makes up for my abhorrent laziness. Peace x

    • Rainboat Com

      We tried a few different apps to help us see what customers were adding to their carts, some of which cost significantly more than Consistent Carts, but none of them came close to doing what this app does! Not only can we see what our customers are shopping for, but now we are able to recover abandoned carts! Customer service is amazing, and after a month of using the paid version we have already seen a jump in sales recovery. My only regret is that we didn't install it sooner. It works quietly and effectively in the background and customization is bar none. I highly recommend this app!