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    Get your ad on Google. Be seen by customers when they’re searching on Google. Automated by Clever, it’s Fast, Free and Secure.
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    Make Google Adwords great again for Shopify store owner :) With just 5 simple steps your campaigns will be on the Adwords search network, thanks to the technology of Clever. No work from your side. They will upload all campaigns for you.

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    • Yourturnkeystore 198

      Installed the app and it said that my campaign would take 2 days to review. I waited over a week for my ads to be reviewed and created. I reached out and they said that their team was on vacation. They apologized and said it would be done later that day or tomorrow. Several days pass and I have to reach back out to find out whats going on. I specified an ad spend of $20 per day but within only a few hours after my ads went live on Google my bill had reached $104.51. CleverPPC had put $30 per day ad spend on every keyword. If I had not noticed this the bill would easily have gone into the hundreds as we track many keywords. I would not recommend this app!

    • First Choice Cricket

      Same situation as the poster Yourturnkeystore. I installed this app. First warning was that the ads they created were disallowed by Google who said my account could be closed. They "corrected" the issue. I kept checking the app on shopify and it was showing no results. I contacted them and got no response. I checked my adwords and found that they had been running ads. They had created so many ads they put my daily max spend up to over $1700. I signed up for a $5 per day trial, I caught it when they had spent close to $300 in a few days. I've lodged a complaint with shopify. If you have had a similar experience feel free to reach out to me.

    • Natural Home Brands

      I've tried reaching out multiple times to see why we have been seeing $0 ROI after we spent about $800. Reached out a 3rd time today, and decided not to waste my any more time or any more money on it. I will just stick to using google ad words on my own without the so called help from this app. If they decide to reach back out to me to help assist, i might change my review but so far, reaching someone has been extremely difficult and the app does pretty much nothing for us. As a small family owned company, we are picky about where we spend our ad dollars - i wouldn't recommend spending them here if you can help it!

    • Pink Bullfrog

      HORRIBLE. Literally I don't understand why anyone would use this app. After I got to Google Adwords, I placed a cap of a monthly budget NOT TO EXCEED. That budget was completely ignored and they ended up charging me $200 out of NOWHERE. I explained to them I never set that cap in the first place. The person helping me didn't speak English and refused to help me at all. I was in tears by the end of the conversation. Will never EVER recommend Google Adwords. Didn't even make one sale in the entire process. Horrifying. An entrepreneurs nightmare. HATE IT. Will never use it again.

    • Dixieland Monogram

      Just signed up but everything has been great! They sent me all my ads they created within 24 hours and I am very impressed in how quality they looked as well as matching my branding. I wanted to make a few slight tweaks and Jose had no problem accommodating. In the one day I have been using their service I saw my website traffic go up by about 70% as well as sales go up some too. and that is just one day! For someone who doesn't have the time/knowledge to set up google ad words campaigns this is a very easy solution and I think you will see results.