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Price $20.00 – $100.00 / month
  • Chargify Accounts by eShop Admin

    Allow your customers to see their subscriptions from Shopify's accounts pages and cancel/update them if necessary.
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    • Raddish Kids

      This is the solution we've been waiting for! Our customers can access both subscription and one time purchase histories in the same account. Best of all, we can add our referral program to their account pages, giving our users all of the info they need in one screenshot. We look forward to further advances (i.e. updating CC info from Shopify account) and will continue to enjoy working with this development team (the customer service was fantastic!).

    • Baseballforest

      Like others have said before, this is a great app for those of us who are attached to using Chargify and Shopify. We do some complicated things like payment plans and rentals with Chargify, but we need them to be just different purchase options in addition to purchasing which we run through Shopify's system. This app helps us sync all our products and customers seamlessly between the two.

    • Petit Vour

      We absolutely love this app. It saved the day when we realized our customers could not view their Chargify subscriptions within their Shopify logins. Equally notable was how quickly and efficiently it was to work with Benjamin. He called us to answer all our questions about installing the app. We would highly recommend contacting his team for any web design/development needs.


      This is a 6star app ! It enhances the overall customer experience that you have with Chargify by 500% really. It is just so much more convenient and elegant to offer your customers an overview of their subscriptions in their customer account directly on your Shopify store. Amazing value and wonderful service and team behind this app, thanks Benjamin !!

    • Cellar Door Candles

      First review for shopify app. I Really appreciate the help i receive from these guys. When there is any issue that comes up, i can contact them and get a response fairly quickly. It is worth having this app for the help that i get from them. I also appreciate that i am not get a copy and paste response as is so popular with most apps.