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  • Bulk Product Edit by Hextom

    Edit product price, compared at price, tag, title, vendor, collection, inventory in bulk with only a few clicks, no more manually editing
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    • Louisekool

      This is an absolute life saver and is completely essential for anyone who has a store with more than a hundred products. We migrated from an existing e commerce platform and as a multi-line dealer we have thousands of skus. We have had to make mass corrections, tag updates, vendor changes etc. But tag updates for our filters has been essential with this tools. it's just not possible in Shopify when you have multiple tags. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars, is that in their dozens and dozens of functionality options I have found a few obscure change functions that just don't seem to work for me -- collapsing 2 or more tags into 1, for instance. But that's been a small percentage of what I'm trying to do. So I enthusiastically give it 4 stars.

    • Snookiepie

      It's a pretty useful app, but it could use some improvements. For example when you do a search it does not give you a product count or the number of page you have to navigate through to see all of the items resulted from the search, it just says page1 (10 items per page). It does not break it down. So if you want to see all of the results before you make a final change that means going through all 100 page 10 at a time. There's not search item within the search result. Improvement needed please. The technology exist for peete's sake.

    • Vavoojewellery

      I don't think I can find the right words to describe this app... put in simply - a lifesaver for bigger shops, the only tool out there that does two things - let's you have some life, because you don't have to manually edit each product into early hours of mornings and helps you grow financially because neat & functional store means good customers. I seriously can't praise this guys enough, awesome new features, updates, support & now my biggest issue of all (images sizes) has been solved as well.

    • Perfect Charm

      Wish I had found this app earlier. I have been dreading exporting all my files and having to edit using complicated spreadsheet functions or worse edit by hand, then upload it all again. Found this app and have done all my updating in a few hours that would have taken days and days. Also when I messed up my first two edits, a very efficient person emailed me to warn me of my mistake and corrected it for me so I could start afresh. Truly exceptional service!!! Thank you!!!

    • Ebarza

      I have tested this application many times before the sale and worked nicely. but refused to work once the sale started. I was in very bad shape in front of my customers who was waiting the sale for 2 weeks and had to change the prices of 900 products manually which costed me 4 hours work and lost because of that many customers who thought that we are announcing for fake sale. dont rely too much on technology as its sometime might fail. I will never do that again.